How does your service work?

WorkMacro works by following relevant users, liking their posts, and unfollowing users on your behalf. We use intelligence to continuously improve who we target in order to bring in the best results.

Our service can be broken down into 3 simple parts:

1. Following Users

We do not randomly follow users. Through our setup process, we give you the chance to tell us who you’re looking to target.

We will research and find Instagram influencers who have the same audience as your target and we follow their followers.

You do not have to provide a long list of users as we will continuously find new influencers to target.

2. Liking Posts

Similiar to following users, we will also like posts of users in your target demographic or have shown an interest in what you have to offer.

We do so by liking posts of users in your personal feed who are not already your followers, specific hashtags in your niche, or posts of followers of influencer accounts who are similar to yours.

3. Unfollowing Users

We understand most users want to keep their following to a minimum. We will unfollow every user we have followed after a few days of following the user.

We will not post comments or send direct message users on your behalf.