I can’t follow users or like any posts (Action Blocked)

Here are the reasons why you might see the message below and be temporarily suspended from following, unfollowing, or liking posts.

1. Instagram has hidden limits on how many actions you can complete an hour/day

Each Instagram account has different limits depending on the age of the account and how often you have been engaging with other users.

For example, a brand new account might only be able to follow 50 users a day. But as you continuously follow 50 users a day, your limit will slowly increase to 60, then 70 and so forth.

2. We increase your engagement over time to prevent hitting these action blocks

We have developed a strategy over the years to slowly increase your engagement every day without hitting the Instagram limits.

3. Seeing this message is normal and there is no need to worry

Action bans are normal and they do happen from time to time. These soft bans are temporary and will only last a few hours. In the most extreme cases, they will be lifted within 24 to 48 hours.