How to Write Instagram Captions that Drive Engagement

Has your Instagram post ever gone viral? If not, you have a lot to learn. A single caption done very well is enough to make your post go viral on Instagram. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Imagine how many new followers you will get and people you will reach when you go viral. As sweet as this may sound, it doesn’t come easy, you will need a lot of work to make it happen for you.

Instagram is a lot about compelling visual but you shouldn’t forget that your caption can as well get the job done. The caption you use in your every post is just as much a representation of your brand as the image. This means you will need to spend more time creating a caption that attracts the right attention.

Unfortunately, writing Instagram captions for your business can be tedious. If it is that easy, everyone will be doing it right. However, you can build a right strategy that allows words to readily flow and fill your feed with the quality content that engages your audience.

If you want to be successful with Instagram marketing, you can’t allow Instagram captions become an afterthought; you must have a carefully laid-out strategy that allows you come up with the best captions.

In this article, you will learn about the best strategies to come up with short Instagram captions for your business.

Top 5 Ways To Come Up With the Perfect Instagram Captions For Your Business

1. Start Your Caption With the Most Important Information

What exactly do you want your audience/followers to know from your caption? You need to ensure you start with this information. You have an option to use 2,200 characters when writing your Instagram caption. However, only the first 3-4 lines are visible and the user will be forced to click “See more” to read what comes next.

Trust me, most users are lazy. If your first 3-4 lines don’t impress them, there is no reason to believe that the following hidden line will do better.

Always lead with the key points such as the name or story behind your image. The objective of the short caption is to get the interest of the user while passing your important information, use it wisely.

2. Ask a Question

If you want to increase engagement with every single post, a great way to achieve this is by asking questions on your captions. Humans have a curious mind, they will like to attempt an answer to your question or at least read what other people think.

A research done by Facebook itself showed that posts that ask a question usually receive significantly higher engagement rates than those that use just affirmative statements.

Asking questions on your caption is a great opportunity to make your post go viral.

3. Use A Call-to-Action in Your Instagram Caption

A call-to-action is a great way to inspire your followers to engage with your brand on Instagram. While this may be very effective, avoid using it on every post on Instagram.

There are tons of ways to use call-to-action on your Instagram captions. Some of the ways to do this including asking your followers to:

Click the link in your bio
Take Advantage of a Discount
Answer a question
Tag a friend
Use your brand hashtag

Remember to use Call-to-action words sparingly. Abusing this will lead to less engagement and lack of action. Some call-to-action words to consider include:


4. Use Hashtags

Don’t forget to accompany that amazing photo with your brand unique hashtag and other relevant hashtags. You can reach a wider audience when you take advantage of hashtags. A study by Simply Measured showed that Instagram posts with hashtags usually receive at least 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

However, avoid going on a “hashtagging spree”. Make sure you always use hashtags that are relevant to your post. If you are confused what hashtag to use, you can get some inspirations from websites like

Note that your hashtags should come at the end of your caption to keep things neat and avoid cluttering up your captions. You can as well make them neater by adding your hashtags to the comment section.

5. Link To Your Website

As a business, you want people to visit your website in order to take an action that will lead to profit. But unlike other social media platforms, you can only put your website URL in your bio section.

If you have a special offer or particular product you want to link to, you can shorten the link with URL shortener and add the link to your bio. The next step will be to add a photo with a caption that tells your audience to “Click Link In Bio” to take advantage of your new offer.

Most big brands always encourage their followers to click the link in their bio, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this as well.

Final Thought

When you use Instagram captions well, you can increase engagement and reach a wider audience. Don’t forget to add emojis to your short Instagram captions, this will give it a bit more personality and help you to attract your audience’s attention.