Windowed: The Best Tool to Use Instagram on a Computer

Having Instagram on your desktop can provide many advantages. For one, it makes typing a lot easier when you have access to a keyboard.

Windowed is the best software on the market today if you want to use Instagram on your desktop. There are no limitations as it provides all the functionalities you would get from the app.

All the actions and logins are done directly with Instagram, so you don’t have to worry giving 3rd party your account information. Windowed works by letting you access the mobile browser version of Instagram on your desktop.

Here are four reasons you should download Windowed today:

1. Post photos directly from your desktop

Avoid the hassle of downloading 3rd party apps. Directly upload photos to Instagram from your desktop

2. Easy to engage with another user posts

Scrolling with a mouse makes Instagram so much more user-friendly. It’s not that scrolling through your feed, or double tapping photos are inconvenient on the app, we just always find comfort when navigating through Instagram with a mouse and keyboard.

3. Manage up to 5 accounts

Similiar to the Instagram app, you’re able to navigate between 5 different accounts easily. Visit your profile, click on your username at the top and then select add account.

4. It’s free

Available on both Mac OS and Windows, Windowed is an entirely free application. There are no premium versions or extra hidden charges. Download the application and have full access to all its functionalities.

Download Windowed here