How to Use Instagram to Drive Sales

Instagram is the King of Engagement right now. You can also measure and track these performances through Instagram statistics. That said, you should think that Instagram can also be used to offer promotional offers. Here are some tips that will help you get started and Drive Sales.

1. Permit Yourself To Sell On Instagram.

We do not stop to tell us to show our human side on social networks. But do you know what a recent study, conducted on Instagram by Simply Measured, revealed? That users follow brands so they can look at products – be they tractors, cameras or computers. So add product photos to your publications calendar to give your users what they want. So gently remind them that you are a business and that you have things to sell.

2. Place Your Selling Points In The Photo.

People come on Instagram to see photos. If you just talk about your promotion in the comments, you run the risk that users will not see it. Makeup brush, the brand of adaptable lids, has superimposed here its -25% offer on a nice selection of product photos.

The company also facilitated the sale by adding its web page as the destination URL. We’ll talk about it in detail below, but there’s no clickable URL in the Instagram feed. A short and easy-to-remember URL (like will be more effective in encouraging people to take action on an external site.

3. Install An Instagram Sales App To Drive Sales.

Several handy apps have synced with Instagram to make selling easier regardless of the size of your brand. When subscribers registered on say LIKEtoKNOW double-click on one of his photos with a link in a comment, they receive an e-mail with the links related to the product, and can thus obtain the stuff which they liked.

Like2Buy is indeed similar platforms that allow companies on Instagram to sell their articles via their bio and their publications.

4. Use Influencers As Soon As Possible.

Instagram is an endless source of content created by users. You probably know what value has the content generated by the influencers. So, if you spot a photo of your products in your Instagram watch, why not ask permission from the author to use it for your next promotion?

For effective Instagram monitoring, you can use the new functionality offered by agora pulse. It allows, according to a # keyword or a place, to find all the publications concerned.

Instagram has recently started to make commercials available to businesses. Before everyone else starts, watch the ads that are currently in your feed. Which ones get a lot of likes and positive comments? What are their common points? These are the things you must keep an eye on and then get a trusted influencer to collaborate with.

Alternate Your Publications For More Sales On Instagram;
• Photos of your products or services
• A photo related to your attractive and engaging niche (for example beautiful landscapes for a tourism company)
• A photo of your product worn frequently and put in a situation
• A picture of a satisfied customer or a humorous post

This rotation will have the consequence of increasing the consideration of the user on your offer and thus favor the purchase of your product.

You don’t want to forget the word, CUSTOMER IS KIND. A human being needs to be pampered and will put sufficient confidence in user to purchase your product. Therefore, take care of your Instagram followers by responding to comments. This is the best way to humanize your business and thus raise the purchase of your product.

Taking the time to respond to comments is paradoxical compared to what I previously advised about automation and time spent on Instagram, it’s true. But know that everything is not automatable. And fortunately, would you still like to be confronted with a robot when calling for customer service?

So allow 30 minutes of your time every 3 days to respond to the different comments received. Do not hesitate to hire a trainee, a freelancer or even an employee to manage your customer service. It’s an investment that will be truly needed when your business grows.

5. Involve Your Subscribers: Reposts And Quizzes

Earlier, I spoke to you about the importance of humanizing your brand. Know that your subscribers can become your best ambassadors. If your fans decide for themselves to create content about your brand, it is because they are satisfied with your offer. This will reassure the subscribers who have not yet taken the step of the act of purchase.

Not To Do

1. Tell Yourself That Selling On Instagram Is Like Selling On Any Social Network.

Because Instagram is a visual and real-time network, it is different from other social networks. It also means that you have to carry out your promotions with powerful images. Take the time it takes to make a good photo. It means choosing a square photo, easy to identify, and where the lighting is good.

2. Ignore The Problem Of Links On Instagram.

Instagram wants you on its platform, watching images, and not clicking to go to another site. That’s why links are not allowed. Do not expect people to select your URL in comments to copy and paste in a browser.

If you want people to go to your site (and do not use a tool like, then send them to the only place that allows you to add a clickable link: your biography.

3. Do Not Give The Details Of A Temporary Promotion.

I know I said people do not read on Instagram. When they do window shopping, they certainly do not read. But when you have caught their attention with a promotion, tell them what they are going to ask you: give the details! Give the start and end dates of your promotion. Say if the sale is online or in-store or both. If it’s online, tell them which promo code to use, or tell them if there is no code.

4. Isolate Instagram.

You do not want your promo to be a secret, so promote it on Facebook, Tumblr,.Twitter, etc, and give the information to your subscribers. Let subscribers know about your e-mailing list, especially those who might use Instagram. Not only will you increase your chances of attracting the world for your promotion, but you will surely gain new subscribers, thereby increasing sales!

5. Neglecting The Rest Of Your Sales Funnel.

While all of these ideas will have made you want to sell your products on Instagram, do not let them distract you from the real strengths of Instagram: improve your brand awareness, build relationships, gather user-created content, and do your homework.

Finally, your customers would be happy if you like their Instagram publications. Imagine their euphoria if you put their pictures on the wall of your account. Play on this excitement to gain visibility. You can also create a Hashtag dedicated to your brand. Specify in your biography that you usually have the best photos of customers posing with your products. These are some of the steps you must take to drive more sales with your IG account out there.