How to Use Your Instagram Close Friends List

Before, everyone could see your Instagram stories, unless your Instagram account was private. You could go to the settings of the app to hide your stories and live video for some people. It was quite complicated. Now you can define a new list of close friends. When you make a story, you can share it in your story or with your close friends.

Today we’re going to explain what it is and how to use the new Instagram Best feature. This is a feature presented at the end of November 2018, and that has gradually been reaching all users. Its purpose is to allow you to create a list of users to whom you can send certain stories that others can not see.

Let’s start the article explaining in the simplest way possible what exactly Instagram’s close friends are and what specific function this list has on Instagram.

What Is The Close Friends Feature On Instagram?

Although most users appreciate the simplicity of the application in their daily use, one of the particularly expected options is the ability to create a list of people.

It is possible to create lists on multiple social networks, and until now, it was not possible on Instagram. And in a pragmatic way, following hundreds/thousands of people made it very difficult to share specific content with specific people.

Now, with the “Close Friends” feature, you can share Stories with a pre-determined group of people as part of your subscriptions.

Here’s How To Unlock The Potential For Your Business.

Number#1. Set up your list of close friends on Instagram

Only you can set your list of close friends: users cannot ask to be on your list or see if you have added/deleted them. In the same way as for other features, it is possible to access the list of close friends in many ways.

From your profile settings

In order to set up your close friends list from within your profile settings, click on your profile picture at the bottom right of the application and then on the three horizontal bars! You should then have in the list of suggestions the Close friends:

The list of close friends will then open, offering users to add in it. You can as well use the search engine to include specific contacts. To remove people from your list, simply click on the Delete button next to each username.

From your Story slide

This method only works if your list of close friends is empty.

Start by uploading your photo/video content into your Story as usual, then click on the green star at the bottom left of your screen. If there is no one in your list of close friends, a pop-up window will allow you to add people to this list. Once you add contacts to this list, this story slide will be shared with them.

Number#2. You can send IG Stories to your very own Close Friends List

For the moment, Instagram only allows the sharing of Stories to people on this list: classic publications will remain visible to all except if you have a private account naturally.

To send a story to your Close Friends List, create it as usual and click on Close friends at the bottom of your screen:

Once you have shared a Story with a list of close friends, you will notice a green circle around your profile picture:

When you watch the Story being broadcast to your close friends, you’ll notice a green insert at the top right of the Close Friends screen:

Everyone on your Close Friends List will see the green circle around your profile picture.

Important: Stories slides that you share with your close friends will not appear in performance statistics. These are considered separate content. However, you will have the opportunity, as for a classic story, to know how many people have seen in the 24 hours after its broadcast.

Number#3. Exploit the close friends for your business

There are different ways to use this feature for businesses. First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that you will have to follow an account that you want to add as a close friend, which means following people you would not have followed.

Reward your best subscribers

Inevitably, you will have subscribers who stand out in terms of commitment to your content. You could say that these people deserve to be pampered by you, by offering exclusive promotions or previews.

Send exclusive content and offers to your VIP club

If you offer services that require membership, you could add your customers as close friends to provide them with personalized communication.

Collaborate with influencers

If you collaborate regularly with specific influencers, you could add them to your Close Friends List. This way, you’ll give them access to special opportunities or ask tough questions before they go to your global community.

Be grateful to loyal customers

While Instagram Stories are not as personal as a paper letter, you could share a thank you video specifically with your best customers. This is to avoid sending a private message to each of the contacts.


Instagram users have for many months expressed their desire to create custom lists. Some people then chose to create what are called Finstragrams, that is to say, accounts specifically intended to exchange only with a limited list of people. It is no longer necessary to go through this type of practice, which is particularly time-consuming.

On the other hand, with the group-based private messaging feature, users can send messages, publications, and stories in a filtered fashion. When you post a story, both normal stories and those sent to close friends will appear in your feed. However, you can distinguish them by the green button of close friends that appears in the ones you have sent to this Close Friends List. The people who receive it will see it as if it were a normal story, without any special callsign.