How to Use the Countdown Sticker for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories had trouble competing with the creators of this feature, the popular Snapchat. However, over time, the platform has made this feature more and more desirable, with one of the features added more recently as a countdown. The Instagram countdown enables folks to interact with the story and also is a great element, which can be used for a variety of occasions.

One of the situations in which a countdown can be used is a birthday from which you can count until the day it finally arrives. You can as well make use of it on great New Year’s Eve, which is an apparent use that IG social media perhaps recognizes. For this reason, the IG decided to actually release the countdown at this time.

Stickers are actually the chief part of IG stories, which take them to another level. in no doubt, the filters also help, however, stickers truly add the missing interest to your lovely stories. The stickers are not only clickable like Mention, Location and Hashtag, but also interactive like Poll as well as Emoji slider stickers.

Not quite long, Instagram social media added the stunning interactive Question Sticker (IQS) to its wonderful set of stickers out there; right now the IG has started another cool, Countdown sticker.

In this post, you will learn in details on how to use this sticker and what you can do with it.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Countdown Sticker?

Let’s say there is a party at home or college, and you go to Instagram to announce it. Previously, you would simply book that the party would take place on a specific date, time, and even location.

Now you can use the countdown sticker to create a countdown, it’s basically an alarm clock for your next event, party, launch, and similar things that remind viewers of the upcoming event if they decide to.

Using Countdown Stickers

Instagram stickers are extremely easy to use. like to some other stickers, you want to open your sticker tray right in your very own story as well as select the sticker you actually want. In this instance, choose countdown stickers.

If you’re using this sticker for the first time, you’ll get the countdown sticker you’ll need to adjust. However, if you have already completed a countdown, tap the Create countdown button.

Change Your IG Countdown Color

You don’t want the standard setting color of your very own newly Instagram added sticker? You may like to change it. To have it to choice, repeatedly tap the color palette icon above to switch between the available color options. Currently, you cannot manually select a background color; you must choose one of the available options.

Show Old Countdowns

While you can only add one countdown sticker per story, you can create multiple countdowns and add them to different stories, all will be running at the same time. If you are actually wondering what occurs to countdowns in the future, stories remain only in 24 hours. However, countdowns continue. Although the story disappears like any other story, the countdown remains.

To view your old countdowns, go to the Story screen and capture an image photo or select an old photo, then touch the sticker icon to add a sticker. Select the countdown sticker here; you can see all your countdowns here, the list contains the currently running and already finished ones.

To clear a countdown that you have created, first follow the steps above to view the countdowns. On the countdown screen, tap the three-dot icon of the countdown that you want to delete, select Remove from the pop-up menu.

Add An Existing Countdown Again

Since the countdowns remain in your profile, you can always add them back to your stories, if you want your audience to remember the Instagram countdown deadline or maybe end time, reusing the Instagram countdown sticker will surely help.

To reuse your Instagram countdown sticker, you want to first follow the aforementioned steps to display the countdowns. Then tap the countdown sticker you want to reuse, it will be added to your story.

Set A Reminder For A Countdown

If you need a countdown end time reminder, Instagram will cover you. For example, suppose a brand only sells a sale for two days and they’ve used the countdown sticker and set a time for it. You never need to use a third-party app to create a reminder because you can use the built-in features of this sticker.

To set a reminder for the countdown sticker, tap the sticker in the story. You get two options at the bottom, remember as well as share the countdown, touch Remember to set a reminder.

Note: The creator of the story will receive a notification with your profile name if you enable the reminder for a countdown, it’s not anonymous.

You Don’t Have Any Countdown Sticker

The Instagram Countdown sticker is indeed available for both Android mobile and iPhone. It as well works for personal as well as business profiles. If perhaps your account does not include the Instagram countdown sticker out there, we recommend you update the app. If the sticker is still not visible, it may not be available in your area yet. I think you have to wait a little bit or opt for an older app version.

In a personal profile, it will be interesting to create timers for upcoming events in daily life. Students can use it for their exams, results and the like. Christmas and New Year’s are coming up, you can also use it for such.

Brands can best use the countdown sticker for promotions, product launches, webinars, and more. Of course, this has tremendous potential for businesses! Whether you’re promoting a sale, an event or something else, having a countdown to share your stories so that your followers receive reminders is a great way to get better results.


This is a great new feature that many users will definitely enjoy. The most important thing about this feature is that it shows the Instagram still has a user-centered approach. Recent developments made the application definitely more business-oriented and brand-oriented by offering specialized analysis and implementing the call-to-action function. The countdown sticker is one of the easiest-to-use features that Instagram recently launched.

Have you already tried the new Instagram Stories countdown stickers? Tell us in the comments for what you use it!