How to Upload Photos From Your PC to Instagram

Uploading pictures is a pain when you have to email it to yourself, open it on your mobile phone, then finally post the picture.

Here are five simple ways to upload pictures directly to Instagram from your PC.

1. Computer Emulators

Emulators are software that enables your computer to replicate another system. Since Instagram only works for Android and iOS devices, an emulator can “mimic” an Android device for you to download the app, or mimic the Instagram app entirely on your desktop.


Very straightforward tool to upload your photos. Windowed is simply a tool that lets you access the Instagram mobile website directly. This tool works for both Mac and Window desktops.

1. Install the software

2. Log in and post the same way you would on your mobile device

Download Windowed for free here


BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows for free. All it requires is an active Google account which you can create one here: Create a Google Account

1. Download the Instagram App on BlueStack

2. Navigate to MyApps, and click on System app folder

3. Open Media Manager and click Import From Windows

4. Import your Files then Navigate back to the Instagram App

5. Share Photos as you normally would on your device

Download Bluestack for free here

2. Scheduling Online Platforms (Without an App)

There are two types of scheduling tools; one that can post directly to your Instagram without an app, and the other will require the download of an additional app.

We’ll start with the easiest options which are tools that let you post without the use of an Instagram app.


As Hootsuite describes, “Save time and drive engagement by easily scheduling and publishing images directly from the Hootsuite dashboard and mobile app to your Instagram Business accounts.” To learn more about this tool, read more here: Save Hours on Instagram with this New Hootsuite Update

Create a free Hootsuite account here


Similiar to Hootsuite, Hopper is an Instagram scheduler that posts for you. Upload, plan & schedule posts in advance to multiple Instagram accounts. Sadly, this is a little pricey at $19 per month and account. For those working with multiple accounts, this tool can easily cost upwards to $100 per month.

Learn more about Hopper here

3. Scheduling Online Platforms (With an App)

These are tools that require you to download their app. It works by letting you schedule your posts on your desktop on their website. The posts will get pushed to the mobile app when it’s time to post. You will be required to paste the captions and post the photos manually.


Buffer is a more straightforward way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place. The free account will let you have access to three social accounts, and schedule up to 10 posts. Premium pricing starts at $10 a month.

Sign up for Buffer for free here


Planoly lets you schedule multi-image posts right off the bat, and for free (for up to 30 posts a month). Pricing will vary depending on the number of accounts you have, but it starts at $7 per month for one account.

Sign up on Planoly for free here

4. Automation Software

Automation tools can do more than just post from your desktop. The primary purpose is to automate tasks such as follow, unfollow, like, comment and direct messaging other users. We covered The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Instagram Automation if you plan on using this software for more than just posting.

Listed below are the top two Instagram automation software on the market today.


Follow Liker is a very powerful, reliable & super flexible multipurpose software that makes it easy to automate all your social media tasks. You can automatically share or upload photos, and videos to your Instagram account directly from your computer. Pricing starts at $58 one time, and $6 per month for one account.

Learn more about FollowLiker here


Similiar to FollowLiker, FollowAdder is an Instagram automation software to Follow/Unfollow Instagram users, Schedule Posts, Like Back Photos, Automated Photo Liker, Automated Direct Message, Create Lists, Search by Hashtag, Search by Geo Location of User, photo, or comments. Pricing starts at $8 per month for one account.

Learn more about FollowAdder here

5. Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud storage is the same as a virtual hard drive you can use to store all your information. You can put files and photos into these virtual hard drives and have the ability to access them on any device with the apps installed.


Dropbox is a simple option for cloud-based storage. The basic account includes 2GB of space, but you have the options to upgrade if needed.

Get started with a free Dropbox account here

Google Drive

Very similar to Dropbox, but has the added benefit of integration with all the other Google applications such as Google spreadsheets and Google maps. If you have a Gmail already, you will already have a Google drive with 15GBs shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Get started with Google Drive here

We hope we provided a comprehensive list of options for you to explore. Let us know if you find better tools to upload Instagram photos directly from your PC in the comments below.

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