How do you upload pictures from your PC to your Instagram?

Instagram has just crossed the benchmark that every social media platform aspires for and that is the magical figure of One billion users worldwide. It is indeed an achievement if you are to take in the context of the time taken by this nascent social media platform with the others which have been crawling towards this landmark and still unable to get there. Success does not come easy and you would need to be that extra special if you are to taste it, before anyone else would.

That is exactly what Instagram has achieved in such a short period of time and is rolling on the road to further success which is seen with the rapid growth that it is experiencing. Instagram has tried to keep the platform as an easy to access media where images, videos including text could be uploaded instantaneously. Due to this factor it has tried its best to keep the Instagram platform free from major influence from the genre of desk top computers. Instagram encourages smartphone uploading which is faster and without creating images and videos with additions or subtractions.

Hence Instagram has remained shy of the desk top computer and uploading has been an issue that many have encountered and been unable to do so. The difficulty in doing so has left the Instagram platform free from the desk tops and it has been basically confined to the smartphones only.

There is a notion that is prevalent in the larger sections of society wherever it may be that “nothing is impossible” and in that context we have found an easy way out for all those who would want to upload images and video direct from their desk tops onto the Instagram platform.

In a few very easy steps you could cut all the long procedures that would otherwise be needed to do so and quickly upload whatever you would need onto your Instagram platform. Doing so it would also make Instagram more accessible and interesting to be on and share with your friends and all others some of the best materials you would have with you. The Instagram platform is all about images and videos and getting the best across would be what everyone would like to see.

Since the launch of this versatile platform it is estimated that more than 50 billion photos have been uploaded and that stupendous figure is eternally growing. The sky could be the limit for new images and videos with the technology constantly being improved upon. There is no gain saying that in the near future with the Instagram platform itself growing in leaps and bounds we could be seeing the 100 billionth of images being uploaded very soon.

If that happens it could be another feather in the Instagram cap and would be a tremendous shot of adrenaline to see further growth on this versatile and superlative social media platform.

To cap it all the chance of uploading pictures directly from the desk top to the Instagram platform would be just a small step in the right direction. To do so we need to go through the following motions that would make the endeavors easy and quick.

There are many ways that you could do it and it could be either through Google Chrome or through Mac whichever you would select it would take just a few easy steps and eureka you would get it done. This has been an issue for a very long time because Instagram too has been quite reluctant to provide this impetus to its users for reasons better known to them. It could be understood as a ploy by Instagram to allow only instantaneous uploading hence keeping the platform more amateurish rather than professional.

This has been impossible because the phenomenal growth of this versatile platform has broken many boundaries and its popularity has grown in leaps and bounds. It is envisaged that Instagram would grow further and it would be one of the most social media platforms second only to Facebook.

Since Facebook acquired the Instagram platform the latter’s growth has been brisk and together they have created a tsunami of sorts on the social media platform which would not abate in the near future. The popularity of Instagram has been its simple uploading method and one that is very easy to achieve without much ado. Instagram has been reluctant to allow superficial posting on the platform and what they would do when they find that it is possible to post from the desk top onto the Instagram platform only time would tell. Whether they would turn a blind eye or find ways to stop it we may not know or whether they would see this as an improvement is also to be seen.