What Are The Top Instagram Automation Bots & Tools This 2019?

Engagement is the key to winning followers on Instagram. If you don’t participate, you cannot win with this channel. The benefit of automating followers is that you can avoid the problem of wrong followers, which is usually the case when you buy them. Automation Bots want real people to follow you. Therefore, your automation needs to act like a real person (you) on your behalf.

There are many things an Instagram bot can do. Automation Bots can do virtually any repetitive task for you. Regular tasks for one of these Automation Bots can include:

  • Making comments
  • Liking photos
  • Following (and unfollowing) IG users

What is the best Instagram Bot?

Number#1. Social Steeze

This bot is a service that has given me very good results since I tried the service. The best part about this service is that it is not a bot that you need to configure and run yourself. It’s all an organic growth of experts. Literally, all you have to do is register and provide some details.

This Instagram Automation Bot is highly respected as well as powerful IG growth solution, with no download or perhaps complex control panels to configure. You get your own personal growth expert who manages your activities for you.

Part of the most powerful and effective social networking technology is behind your success, which is shared with you and provides you with a high level of engagement.

Number#2. Magic Social

I love social magic. You can automate the growth of Instagram with this tool. Magic Social was recently named the first in Entrepreneur to list tools that will help you find more followers on Instagram.

If you are looking for an organic growth service that looks and works well, try it out.

Number#3. LikeSocial

I’ve seen that the LikeSocial service has been heavily promoted in internet marketing blogs over the last few months. You will like each new publication you create. At first, I thought it was a trick, but I decided to check it anyway.

In the end, I found it amazing that I wrote an article about the automatic likes of Instagram. The very reason I love this IG auto Bot service is that you could employ it using a regular tool or simply growth solution, and it’s actually good to put your account posts in Instagram’s Explore section. This, in turn, will help your increases be seen by thousands and increase your presence.

Number#4. Follow Adder

Follow Adder Instagram bot is still the best IG bot at this time, it is also one of the cheapest. With this tool, you can achieve real growth by automating your Instagram actions if you like and track your audience.

Follow Adder provides a powerful search tool that allows you to get the most out of your bot. You can also target accounts that are similar to yours if you actively engage with the target group so they can track your account.

With this tool, you can search for specific keywords in users’ publications and biographies. It is so precise and effective that the people you follow automatically will follow you. It is perfect for local businesses, industry influencers, fans, etc.

Number#5. RiseSocial

This bot is another leading Instagram marketing service that offers real Instagram growth in the real world. These guys are trying to grow your account. It is quite similar to Social Steeze, with the main difference that I noticed is the price.

They use the latest software to make sure that your Instagram network finds a true and successful follower base. The commitment they promise and deliver is organic and genuine.

Number#6. Instato

If you insist on using a web-based bot, you should use it. With the Instato Bot, you can quickly create a program to add publications, control hashtags, and locations. The bot even allows you to respond easily to the comments of other users.

Everything is automated; all you have to do is set the correct configuration for your network to be stable. Instato offers excellent customer service and security is also guaranteed through a dedicated proxy.

Number#7. InstaQ

This very Bot is a tool, which automates your IG actions. Irregularity Detection Offset differentiates InstaQ from the many competitions out there. Instagram, as well as all social networking sites, use special programs to detect bots or social network automation tools.

Detection of anomalies, the programming used to capture social networks, compare normal usage with average accounts with new accounts. InstaQ emulates user behavior in the real world, which reduces the risk that Instagram will be tagged or banned by Instagram.

Number#8. Instazood

The Bot can be praised for its simplicity. You can like, follow, comment, unfollow or maybe send messages automatically to users based on the hashtags in your niche. The idea is that you improve your results as the speed of your automation increases. Because the tool is very simple, you can adapt the bot to your needs as soon as you understand the basics.

While Instazood does not have the strong attributes of Follow Adder, it is still a good choice because of its price and simplicity.

The Pros Of Using An Instagram Bot

You can customize your tools to avoid most of the problems that arise when posting to specific images and account types. It takes some time to learn how, but it’s worth it.

By using these bots according to the instructions, you can avoid problems like blocking the account. Do your homework

You can use the analyzes provided to improve your commitment, strengthen your brand and build your follower base.

The Cons Of An Instagram Bot

Like any automation tool, IG robots also have some disadvantages.

The use of bots is against the terms of use on Instagram. However, depending on how well you use the tool, you may never be caught out there.

If you misuse a bot, IG and its users will see you as a spammer. Do you see all these boring and generic comments in some photos? Yes, these people misconfigure their bots. Never be one of them.

Sometimes, you still have to participate as a real person, because you cannot automate all human interactions now.


If you find it difficult or cumbersome to get genuine like, comments and participation in Instagram, the Instagram auto bot can be a great option for your business. Imagine having automated access and a potential commitment with a billion people around the world.