Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

With New Year already begun, it’s important to know the Instagram marketing trends that will dominate in 2019. It’s important to understand these predictions so you can shape your Instagram model accordingly and improve onto your skills likewise.

Engagement Moves from Likes to Stickers

With Instagram’s algorithm prioritizing personal content, the regular feeds aren’t getting much heed therefore not generating impressions. In 2019, the Instagram game is changing from regular Insta-feeds to stories to engage the followers. Over 400 million people watch Instagram stories per day. Therefore it has become a crucial part of engaging followers. You should utilize story stickers as they are a fun and entertaining way to interact with the audience. New stickers of 2019 such as Countdown, Questions, and Poll Stickers and custom made stickers would tremendously help in brand engagement.

Authenticity is on the Rise

Days of over photoshopped pictures with scenic views and perfect body are over! People now look towards Instagram for genuine experiences and relationships with the models. Instagram models that are more authentic and connect with the audience tend to generate more interest hence ad revenue. By 2020, it’s expected that the global ad spends on influencers will reach more than $5-10 billion. With influencer marketing on the rise, brands are focusing on this niche particularly.

Influence of micro-influencers and micro brands

Unfortunately, a greater number of followers doesn’t mean it is better. In reality, brands are focusing on micro-influencers these days (followers with 100,000 or fewer followers). Another advancement in this trend is the “Nano-influencers” which are people with a following of only a couple of thousands. Brands are focusing more on authenticity. Therefore, these brands are getting more ad campaigns and offer for their account. People are becoming more strict in their choice and wouldn’t hesitate to click “unfollow” if some content doesn’t resonate with them.

Simplicity will Fade Away

With Instagram founders leaving the company last year, their vision of simplicity will be tweaked this year in 2019. The ROI through Instagram will see significant shifts in the marketing and business strategy. It’s expected to see a standalone app for Instagram hence making it easier for the shop by simply scouting through the looks of a model. Tracking ROI is an additional feature coming up for Instagram which will help track revenue to individual posts and stories on the platform. This would help understand engaging content on Instagram and have more advanced Instagram account analytics.

Dark Social is on the Rise

Although the term itself may sound intimidating, however, it just simply refers to private social media such as links and directs messages. Instagram Direct has gained tremendous popularity over 2018, and we expect to see it rise even more in 2019 as it transforms into a robust group chat platform. The ease of initiating a conversation on Instagram via stories has increased as well. Therefore, you should focus on this as well in 2019 to create maximum engagement and audience for yourself or your business.