Top 5 Instagram Automation Tools of 2019

According to a report here, Instagram has recently reached one billion active users worldwide each month. The process of loving photos, sharing awesome stories, and winning new followers has turned the platform into a basic social meal (even my grandmother loves IG-Memes on various social networks). More importantly, Instagram has become a goldmine for marketers, influencers as well as brands.

Why Automation Tools?

With the right tools, automating operations can be surprisingly easy and bring great benefits. If you know these benefits, you can develop support for a business automation project. A recent study by a major magazine asked, “What do you think are the key benefits of automation?” The key benefits of automating operations that are most commonly cited were cost reduction, productivity, availability, reliability, and performance.

To achieve great automation, you must first know the existing marketing automation tools and choose the right ones to get the results you want in the various activities that you want to automate.

These are some of the best tools available to get results, you want to use them on Instagram in 2019.

Number#1. Social Falcon

Marketing in social networks is an area that is unknown to many people. There is nothing wrong with looking for additional guidance to solve everything. Social Falcon not only offers automation but also advice with its high-end plans. You can communicate with your business experts by e-mail or maybe phone and create a solid plan for your Instagram content. A support team is available 24 hours every day, 7 days a week when you need it.

Number#2. Combin

Combin is a smart, desktop-based automated service that helps you increase your Instagram marketing efforts. By combining hashtag and Location Search, you can use your platform to interact with the most relevant and promising prospects. You can easily engage in conversations with these potential customers, and with just a few clicks, you can plan your preferences and comments according to Instagram’s daily activity limits.

You can also find more specific commenters or perhaps followers if they have a public account by using the advanced search feature of people who are directed by Combin. You can even use this tool to carefully spy on your competition!

Number#3. ViralUpgrade

This very tool is one of the most potent and even popular Instagram site growth solutions. It should help you to increase the real Instagram growth. The ViralUpgrade platform is extremely easy to use. No bulky downloads or complicated integration instructions. Just register on the ViralUpgrade website and join your own account manager that takes care of everything!

ViralUpgrade uses a set of targeting techniques that help you find and connect to a specific demographic group. Whether you’re looking for photographers, influencers in beauty products, entrepreneurs or aspiring musicians, this platform can help you navigate among the masses of Instagram users to find the desired user group and turn them into nice followers.

Number#4. Kickstagram

Kickstagram develops an Instagram campaign with your team that closes the gap between you and your audience. They help with everything, from research to the identification and disclosure of executives. Over time, this IG tool helps to gain real and pertinent followers that could truly qualify as prospective clients for your very own business out there.

Before elaborating the proposed growth strategy for Instagram, Kickstagram explores the demographic core of the company and the fundamental value proposition of its brand. From there, they begin to help you reach out to users, with a focus on authenticity and consideration. While the range is great, they can maintain a high degree of integrity while maintaining an authentic brand voice.

Number#5. SocialUpgrade

SocialUpgrade uses your answers to a simple questionnaire to provide you with personalized growth techniques that will help you scale your brand. Consciously avoiding intricate settings and features, it has an all-in-one interface that allows you to do everything you need to succeed on Instagram.

It also links them to an Account Growth Manager, which provides tactical advice on social networks and helps you configure your automation settings. The SocialUpgrade filter tool furthermore helps you reach customers of all sizes with just a few clicks.

Is Instagram Important To Me?

Since social networks started as something only for teenagers, it was purely “social.” Therefore, some entrepreneurs seem largely unaware of the impact of social networks. In general, they have no idea how much work is needed to penetrate all the white noise that is already facing their potential customers on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Ask the store owner to buy advertising space in your local newspaper, which is dying quickly they may want to respond fast. But talk to them about social networks, objections come quickly and furiously.

As a person who actually lives in social networks, I am amazed by some persons who think the stuff we do is still social as if it were an addition to existing marketing. You may have heard several theories about why Instagram is good for business. But how can you be sure that it can be useful for your business without trying and possibly wasting your time?

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most important social channels, and we are sure that any marketing professional who does not use it will miss something important. Whether you are managing the social networks of a large company or a small business or promoting your own brand, integrating Instagram is a must! Not sure why Instagram is good for business? Take a look at the following points;

  • Instagram focuses on storytelling
  • Visual content is essential to your marketing strategy.
  • You can reach many people through Instagram marketing.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your community.
  • It’s great for keeping track of your competitors out there
  • It’s indeed a goldmine of useful feedback as well as insights!

There are countless incredible Instagram tools. However, before deciding on your tool, you should take the time to clearly define your objectives and understand if it is about attracting great followers, increasing commitment or tracking results. Once you know what you want to do, these tools will help you get the job done.

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