Top 20 Tips To Organically Market Your Very Own Brand On Instagram

No matter what social network we’re talking about, as soon as you create a profile and start publishing, you’re already making a mark, even if it’s personal. The main thing on Instagram is to be clear about what we want to convey to the target audience, and then maintain a style of publications that define us in this social platform.

Throughout this article, we will see how we can enhance our brand with organic tips that will help you grow your account and manage it professionally. Let’s see how:

#1. Optimize And Configure Your Account To Organically Market Your Brand On Instagram

The first step to achieve a solid presence is to have the account properly configured. Having an incomplete account does not transmit good feelings and generates a lot of distrust. It does not matter if we just start publishing or if we have been a few weeks or months.

#2. Have The Full Profile Properly!

People like to know who is behind a profile, especially if it is a brand they do not know. And if what they want is more information, they will go to the web that you have indicated as the main URL.

For a person to become a follower of your account, creativity also influences the description and the ingenuity that you put in your management. Striking phrases, with icons that even attract attention, are the perfect invitation to do so.

#3. Transform Your Personal Profile Into A Business Profile

Any company can get a company profile on Instagram. This option is indicated to receive information about the performance of your messages in this network. To activate your business profile, you must go to the profile settings in your Instagram account and enable the option “change to company profile”.

Sell on Instagram – Picture of the Instagram setup menu to change profile. To truly complete the transition, you will need to integrate your profile to your own Facebook fan page. If perhaps you still don’t have a Fan page, you try and get one

#4. Quality Is The Best

  • A visual channel like this should have good photographs and videos.
  • Avoid pixelated, badly taken images and those that are poorly edited.
  • Show things you like, if you do not like them, do not share them.
  • Growing an account takes time, and is never achieved if you publish low-quality content.

What works best on Instagram are the creative photos! The important thing is to communicate effectively with each publication, then we will get feedback from the public and generate more engagement.

What I like most are good photographs. So, think before you publish your next image. You are always in time to correct the course later, and you will see how likes and comments come naturally.

#5. Tell A Story

A strategy that works is to tell what happens inside a business, as it brings closeness, loyalty, and empathy. It is about showing the day to day, even if we are working, cleaning, picking. Everything humanizes and makes the brand look closer than if we only show what is seen from the outside.

#6. The Hashtags On Instagram

From my own experience, with my personal account I recommend using the hashtags in two ways:

If we are starting, use more. You know that you can put up to 30 maximum for each publication.

If we are already growing, reduce the number gradually, until managing to publish between 5 and 10.

Using the hashtags properly is fundamental and there are a number of good practices for this. That on Twitter we do not put a short text and then a row of them up to 240 characters? Well, neither here.

When you publish, if you want, you can put 1 or 2 in the title of the photo, especially if you share the publication later on Twitter. But the rest, you have to add them at the end of your text and/or in the comments option.

We have to make good use of hashtags. They mark themes, content grouped by interests and communities. If I publish, for example, sports, do not use as a hashtag #food; If I do it from a photo taken in New York, do not put #Mary land or #Washinton.

#7. Comments On Instagram

In all social networks you have two options: stay in your account, publishing, managing interactions, and publications; or in addition, participate in other communities, and comment and give likes to other content that you have liked. This is the organic way to grow your Instagram account.

The published contents are many every day. In our hand is to select the ones we like, always, we have to manage the comments in our own publications. Since it generates more engagement and is an essential good practice.

#8. Advanced Searches On Instagram

When I talk about how Instagram works, I cannot leave out a very interesting functionality or option like advanced search.

What Can We Do In It?

  • Search by highlighted: find accounts, hashtags and prominent locations that relate to a term.
  • Search by accounts: we write the name and we get the profiles that include that term in your account.

Search for hashtags: very useful to see which hashtags appear by topic, which hashtags are better by the scope for photos in #bn (black and white)? There are many options to exploit.

Search by location: How many public people from a specific physical business? We can thus track what content there is about our business in the comments.

Do you know that you can search for emoji? The accounts that include this emoticon will appear in the description of your account.

#9. Do not miss anything (notifications of publications)

There are accounts that we want to follow regularly, without missing any of the content they have published.

Well, For That We Also Have An Option.

We go to the account in question, we display the top right menu (three points), and activate the notifications of publications. Each time a new publication is generated, we will receive the notification on our mobile.

#10. Devirtualize!

Sometimes we meet people physically, which we then follow on our social networks as well. But on many occasions, we start in the online world to later derive personal contact. One way to start is to attend events that are of interest to us.

From our own experience, and depending on the time available for each one, we can go to courses, formations, presentations, congresses.

#11. Tags To Tag Other Users On Instagram

As in other social networks, we can tag other users to call direct attention to a publication. This practice should not be done lightly since you run the risk of being reported as a spammer.

It must be done in moderation and with common sense. For example, if I take a picture of New York, I can tag #igersnewyork to see if they are lucky and include it in their gallery of images of the week.

In this way, we will gain notoriety and reputation. How?

When you upload the photo, in the edition, click on it and look for the account you want to tag.

#12. Create Your Own Style

The most important thing to highlight is to create your own style, on Instagram, this works very well. You must be comfortable with it and it must come out naturally, we will seek to edit the photographs in a certain way that combines the effectiveness and quality of the content so that it stands out in the timeline, and draws attention when a user searches for hashtags or accounts.

We all portray what we see personally and your brand must do the same.

#13. Your Photos Must Have An Implicit Made In.

You can as well load a watermark on the photos, although there are some that do not need it. And this includes the use of filters, especially from external tools such as Snapseed or Instasize.

We have to put common sense first and not abuse the filters, but take advantage of them to achieve more lasting and potentially shared photos.

#14. Videos

Another visual resource widely used in Instagram profiles are videos, great formats to educate users more about what you sell. That’s because you can talk and explain more clearly and closely to your audience.

With a duration of up to 60 seconds, they can also be a fun tool to better show your product and its operation.

In truth, you can publish them in the Instagram news feed itself in the same way you would put the photos.

Another interesting way to explore this resource is to make videos of up to 15 seconds in Stories, a 24-hour publication option that appears at the top of the application.

#15. Text

Well, now you have excellent photos and videos. Now it is important to think about how to describe all that content.

The fact of knowing how to clearly and objectively present your products is essential to have an attractive profile. I recommend that you never publish in this network without a title, which has to be short.

This is the ideal time to explore your creativity!

Create innovative titles and constantly employ the #hashtags. The #hashtags mark your image and also direct Instagram users to the appropriate niche of your very own product. But, avoid its excessive use in order not to contaminate the description.

#16. People Also Attract On This Social Media (Instagram)

It happens that the publications have a good reach if, from time to time, you put one or more people in them. This is a good practice to implement in fashion brands, for example,  restoration. It’s as simple as showing clothes, put on a model, or showing how a customer enjoys their favorite place.

There are many possibilities, as many as brands that are doing well. As always, we will seek to learn from the best.

#17. Take Advantage Of Instagram Differences

The calendar is full of international, national and local days that we can take advantage of to make the brand visible if we are original. That day the publications have a hashtag or main hashtags that accompany them, and we can take advantage of it.

But we have to work on it a little, so as not to do the same as the others. In the difference is the visibility.

#18. Always Sell Experiences, Not Products

One of the keys to the operation of Instagram to enhance your brand is to discover that photographs cannot be mere catalog repertoires. That’s very boring.

Generates more interaction to sell what causes that product or what benefits and values are associated with it.

#19. The Report On Instagram

Share pictures of other molas in your account, imagine a beautiful hotel or country house; the official account will sell the benefits of it as is your obligation. But that a client who has enjoyed the establishment makes a publication that shows how well it has happened, it is priceless.

Recommendation marketing is essential in our brand strategy. From time to time, and when those photos are of quality, we can make a report and thank the user for their fidelity.

#20. Contests On Instagram

It is a great strategy to energize the community and give a boost to the number of followers and interactions. But you have to do them well to avoid problems in the future because as in other social networks, there are user purchases and likes.

Every contest has some guidelines that you should contemplate in yours. Inspire yourself in how others do it.


Instagram is a platform with a lot of potential for brands, both in organic and advertising. But, for the future, the key remains in interacting and publishing with quality. The two pillars to organically grow your account in Instagram effectively and consistently are: regularly publish quality content, and publicize it well. In this way, you have the assured growth.