How to Supercharge your Instagram Layout to Gain Followers

Your Instagram layout is your resume equivalent to your followers. With a well-designed layout, users have more confidence to follow you.

Types of Instagram Layouts

To help you get started, we have compiled seven Instagram layouts to help supercharge your account. To plan for an impressive Instagram layout, you should plan 3 x 3 squares at a time. Change layouts every nine posts to make your Instagram feed feel unique.

1. Color Scheme

The idea here is consistency. Choose a color scheme that represents your brand. Find images that fall into your color scheme or edit your photos with filters.

2. Checkers

The layout will look exactly like the layout of a checkerboard. You will use one color image followed an image with a white background.

3. Horizontal Lines

This layout consists of posting three similar posts in color, then changing it up dramatically for the next three. For this design to be effective, we suggest you choose two alternative themes (ie. Three posts with a dark theme, then alternate to three images with a white theme. The posting pattern will be, AAA, BBB, AAA.

4. Vertical Lines

Similar to the horizontal lines theme, this design is the vertical version. The posting pattern is ABA, ABA. ABA.

5. Diagonal

This layout is the most complex when it comes to planning and execution. The design requires you to have similar posts diagonal of each other. The posting pattern is ABB, BAB, BBA.

6. Over the Borders

This design is our favorite when done correctly. Though it might look odd for users clicking on a piece of your photo, it’ll look incredible when they click on your profile. The layout here is to break out one image into nine pieces. You then post these nine photos in sequence forming a larger version of the photo in your feed.

7. White Borders

To change up the feel of your feed, you can put white borders around your images. The frames will give your feed a friendly polaroid feel.

Apps to Help You Supercharge Your Layout

Plano – Schedule Your Posts

Planoly is a service to help you schedule your posts ahead of time. The difference between the leading social scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite and Planoly is that Planoly features are designed specifically for Instagram.

One of these features specific to this article is the ability to have a preview of your feed with your scheduled posts. This way, you can easily see when a post is out of place, and corrections are needed.

Planoly is also rich in features that other services don’t have such as scheduling stories and carousel image posts.

Try Planoly for free here.

Read our full review of Planoly in our article: Best Instagram Scheduling Tools For Multiple Images Posts

Preview App – Edit your Photos

Preview is a powerful app to edit your photos. Comparable to a mobile Photoshop, Preview has all the functions you need. To get your image perfect, you can play with the enhance, adjust and sharpness settings. You can quickly add frames, stickers, text overlay, stickers, and memes on top of your photos.

One of our favorite features is the ability to download a pack of filters that go well with each other. For example, if you’re looking to create an Instagram feed around light and white photos, there’s a filter pack called “White” which focuses on white, monochrome, high contrast and desaturated photos. Unfortunately, most of these filter packs will require a purchase, but well worth it to perfect your Instagram feed with ease.

On top of a photo editing app, Preview has the functionality to schedule your photos and provide Instagram analytics. We would recommend you use other tools though since Preview does not have a desktop version. If you take all your photos from your phone, Preview can work for you, but for those that take images from a DSLR, we would continue to stick with services like Planoly.

Download the Preview App for iPhone here.

Download the Preview App for Android here.

9Square for Instagram – Break your Photo into 9

9Square is the app for you if you are planning on using the over the border layout. 9Square quickly splits a photo you choose into 3 by 1, 2, 3, or 4 rows.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an iPhone version of this app. Here’s the download for the Android version.

Are there other layouts or apps you would recommend? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.