A Simple Trick on Instagram to Cut Back on your Data Usage

Data plans are incredibly expensive, especially up here in Canada. Every MB counts when you only have a few GB’s in your data plan. With preloading of videos and HD photos on Instagram today, the app can quickly eat up your data just by scrolling through your feed.

Luckily, there is a simple way to use less data. By selecting the use less data option on the Instagram app, photos will load a little slower, and you have to start manually loading your videos. A pretty small price to pay to keep you away from insane data overage fees.

Enabling the use less data option on Instagram

Step 1: Navigate to your Instagram Profile.

Step 2: Open Settings and click on Cellular Data Use

Step 3: Click on the button beside Use Less Data to Activate

Consider using a Data Manager

If you’re also looking to better manage your data usage, we highly recommend you download a data manager app. Instagram might not be your only culprit in burning your precious data. Watching videos in HD is most likely where you are using most of your cellular data.

According to Netflix, using their “High” data usage setting runs through 3 GB per hour when streaming High Definition (HD) videos and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD. The “Medium” setting only uses 0.7 GB per hour for a Standard Definition (SD) video.

There are many benefits of a data manager app. A few include the ability to break down which app is consuming the most data, capabilities to automatically send you alerts like when you’re close to going over your data, and best of all, its free.

My Data Manager for iOS

Has all the functionality you need in a data manager. We especially love the ability to add multiple devices if you’re on a shared data plan. The interface is beautiful and incredibly easy to use.

Download My Data Manager here.

3G Watchdog for Android

Not as pretty as My Data Manager for iOS. But we love the ability to monitor your data usage in real time. You can further break down your real-time usage by app. We used this information to quickly check which apps are using data even in the background.

Download 3G Watchdog here.

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