Signs Your Instagram Influencer Campaigns Aren’t Working

You may have heard that once you get an influencer to do a campaign for you, your business will go viral. Well, sorry to rain on your parade, the use of an Instagram influencer isn’t the silver bullet. There are a lot that goes into making a campaign huge success; working with an Instagram influencer is just one factor out of many of them.

Instagram has such a massive user base, with over 800 million monthly users, there is a good chance that most of your users are on Instagram, the question now is how do you reach them?

Instagram marketing is more complicated than you thought. There is nothing like an overnight success. You have to consider a number of factors and put a lot of things in place for your campaign to work exactly the way you want it. Time has passed when just working with an influencer is all you need to make your campaign a success. Just like every other platform, Instagram marketing gets tougher every day.

Before you start working with an Instagram influencer, you need to understand how Instagram marketing works. You also need to know exactly what you want. This is the only way to know if your campaign is doing well or it sucks. In this article, you will learn about ways to know your Instagram influencer’s marketing aren’t working.

1. People Only Visit Because of Coupons or Discount

It is a good idea to attract buyers with coupons or discounts. But what happens when the discount ends or after they have used the one-time coupon!

Your marketing plan should be long-term. When you use an Instagram influencer, it is in the hopes that he connects you with your ideal customers on long-term. You don’t just want to do business with your target customers once, you need a repeated business. Of course, you cannot offer discount or coupons every day; this will diminish your credibility.

To address this problem, make sure you are using the right content, you may use the coupon to draw attention, but you need the right words to let your customers know why they must switch to your brand. Only work with an influencer in your industry who understands your product and how to promote it.

2. Comments Are Too Generic

Don’t be too surprised to read tons of comments that are very generic. It is known that most influencers now use bots to generate comments. Some influencers do this because they want to give you an impression that they are getting a result so they can move on to the next project.

Make sure you are working with an honest and trusted influencer. You can sign a contract in which it is clearly stated that you will be refunded fully incase the influencer uses a bot.

3. The Posts By the Influencer Aren’t Relevant to your Business/Product

I have seen this couple of times; businesses chose an influencer because he has massive followers. This does not always work out as planned. Mostly, the influencer posts about your brand may look out place compared to their other pieces of content.

Let’s say you have a store that sells electronic gadget, it looks out of place to use an influencer known for his weight-loss posts. Your campaign won’t lead to success.

The best way to handle this is to find an influencer that is relevant to your industry and great at what he does. Only work with influencers who focus on a very specific niche. If you sell men’s footwear, find an influencer with a specialty in professional men’s footwear instead of one that is specialized in men’s fashion.

4. You Only Work With Big-Time Influencers

You may not be getting the type of result you want when you only work with big-time influencers. When you take a look at the phase value, it seems to make sense to work with influencers who have so many followers than those with a considerable amount of followers. However, things aren’t always like they seem on Instagram.

More followers lead to lower engagement rate. Moreover, there is a good chance that most of these followers on a large account are made up of bots. Again, large account usually has followers with various interests. You can be able to narrow down your audience and increase engagement rate when you focus on working with trusted and experienced influencers with a considerable amount of followers but not too large.

5. Your Influencer Content isn’t Reaching Their Audience

Influencers can make your Instagram campaign go viral by setting up a contest. However, there are times things don’t always work out as planned.

Moreover, Instagram is in the business to make money. It is not surprising they may limit your reach. In this case, you may not get across as many people as you would have wanted even with a great content and after choosing a good influencer.

In this scenario, you should consider boosting your campaign with a sponsored post. Fortunately, Instagram sponsored posts is very affordable. It is a great way to amplify your content organic reach.

Final Thought

Like I mentioned above, choosing an Instagram influencer isn’t a silver bullet. There are tons of other factors you need to consider. To know how well your campaign is performing, make sure you understand Instagram marketing and metrics used in measuring performance before working with an influencer.

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