How to Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts: Shopping on Instagram

Selling on this social network became much effortless with just the start of the Instagram’s Shoppable Posts facet. before the one single method to connect followers with your products was through the link in your biography or perhaps links in the Instagram posts, this very new feature gives a perfect experience for people to buy products directly from your Posts

Of course, with more than half a billion active monthly users and more than half a million advertisers, it was only a matter of time before users started buying products directly from the application.

Ready to start selling on Instagram? Here is everything you need to know about how to create the Shoppable Shoppable Posts:

Why Your Company Should Use Shoppable Posts?

The Shoppable Posts are the next big step for Instagram to become a more business-friendly platform. Due to this Instagram new feature, the users could complete their very shopping trip from the discovery even to departure, without exiting the Instagram application.

And with 80 percent of Instagram 800 million users, you are already following an account of active commercial business (and over 200 million users visiting one or more business profiles daily), giving people the possibility to buy natively within from the Instagram application makes a lot of sense.

The new, Instagram feature has made it easier than ever for businesses to reach their consumers, noting that once a company has a good product catalog associated to their account, tagging your product is just as straightforward as tagging an individual In your post.

Shoppable Posts Are Marked

The Instagram new Shoppable posts are indeed marked with a clear Tap to actually View Products pop-up window or maybe a small white color circle with a nice shopping bag icon out there:

In the Instagram business account, the Instagram posts will be marked with an icon in the upper right corner. Users can also browse the Buy supply directly from your very own Instagram profile:

You are a small company or publisher looking for an alternative solution to attract traffic from Instagram, using a feature like could work, but this very new Instagram Shoppable Posts feature works better for you simply because it is just a direct experience.

The simplicity of Instagram is what actually makes the Shoppable Posts feature the best ever for any business out there.

How To Start Selling On Instagram

There are some eligibility requirements that you will need to check before starting with Instagram Shoppable Posts;

  • You have to be in the United States of America or maybe in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy or Australia. At be in one of these nations to have access to the Instagram Shoppable Posts.
  • You need an Instagram account
  • It must be in the latest version of the Instagram application on iOS or Android.
  • Your company must sell physical products that comply with Instagram’s trade policies.

How Instagram Shoppable Posts Work

In this type of posts, users can see a photographic composition with one or more products (with a limit of five) and click on them shows a button. Once selected the product they prefer, users will see a page, without the need to leave the application, with details such as price, description, additional photos and a button that allows buy now. From there, if users click on that button, they will be redirected to that product.

In fact, the Shoppable Post design reminds us of Facebook’s Instant posts but dedicated to the products. Now, people can move from inspiration to information and purchase with just a few touches, in the same way, they would interact with other Instagram posts.

What You Need To Sell Your Products Through Instagram:

Sell physical products

Connect your product catalog on Facebook, or use one of its partners, such as Shopify or BigCommerce.

Create at least nine posts to activate the purchase button

And remember to use the latest version of the Instagram app

Steps To Follow

Once you have integrated your product catalog, the process to follow is quite simple:

  1. Upload an image to Instagram, as if you were going to create a normal post
  2. Tag your products. When Instagram has verified your catalog, you can start tagging products on your images.
  3. Next, you can choose the place of the image in which to place the product tag

Tips to sell on Instagram

The social network has also been quick to provide tips so that their company profiles can take advantage of the full potential of this new type of posts. Use the posts to let your fans know that they can buy in your posts.

The plan to transform Instagram into a point of sale is not new. In fact, last time we commented on the case of Nike, which announced that it would include the social network as a direct point of sale, maybe it had not revealed how it would be achieved, but we all know the reality of this.

A closer case was that of Reebok, which partnered with marketing technology company Curalate and created a transactional page that is a replica of the Instagram design to which its consumers are redirected. A strategy not as useful as the use of these posts, but that took advantage of the large number of users who are attracted to discover products in the social network every day.

To provide relevant products that arouse the interest of your Instagram followers, you can use Insights to collect, analyze and report your decisions with solid data. This way, you can eliminate the guesswork of understanding your Instagram audience and connecting them to what they need, including the language and currency they understand.

Lastly, you want to take advantage of Instagram Shoppable Posts, Instagram’s introduction of Shoppable Posts to a new paradigm in its model, as Instagram evolves; brands can now also take advantage of the innovative ways to drive Instagram sales.

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