The Secrets to Becoming Instagram Famous

Not only celebrities can have thousands of followers on Instagram, but you can also do it, you just have to be constant and interact with other people who talk about the topics you like. You’ll see your IG followers grow quickly and become Instagram famous.

Step #1: Create A Fantastic Instagram Feed

To know how to be famous on Instagram, several factors must be considered. But the most important thing is to make your Instagram profile look good. No one will follow a profile that contains low-quality images. If you want to show your photos, your photos should look fantastic. It is better not to post anything than to post a bad photo.

First, you must upload 15 to 20 of your best photos. If you don’t have many, keep working. Make sure you post only striking, high-quality photos. If you start with Instagram, you must first improve the picture. People like to follow profiles with interesting photos.

Tips to improve your Instagram photos
You can use an advanced camera application. Edit your Instagram photos with a photo editing program to make sure they look good before sharing them.
Taking the time to improve your photography is more than profitable if you are trying to make the Instagram account famous.

There are photos that work better than others.
Keep in mind that certain photos work well on Instagram. In my experience, the photos of the beach, the reflections, the silhouettes, and the sunsets are what I like the most. Portraits photos are generally not as popular.

Never publish texts or jokes at random, no matter how interesting you think the text. Remember that everything on your Instagram must have a content unit. Also avoid posting screenshots accidentally since most people never like them.

Bring your Instagram back to the public
Before continuing with the very next step, ensure your very own account is public. If perhaps your images are not public, it’s much harder to get new followers.

Write again a description of the profile that motivates people to follow you. Describe yourself in a meaningful way to find the right followers. Don’t complicate this step too much. Something like landscape photography, iPhone, and the surfer is all you need.

Step #2: Call Attention To Your Instagram Photos

Now that you’ve put up a few awesome photos, it’s a great time to truly get people’s attention out there. Your goal would be to get a lot more followers on Instagram, and even more likes and comments on your photos. In this section, you will learn how to attract attention on Instagram. There are several ways to draw attention to your photos and attract more followers.

First, communicate with your existing friends and followers from other social networks. Since these people already know you, they become more followers. You could send a message or maybe share a good post inviting your very own friends to actually follow you out there. To put your Instagram photos in front of more people, you should use hashtags. Adding hashtags when posting a photo means that your image will appear in the Instagram hashtag feeds.

Add hashtags
To add a hashtag, use the title field when publishing a photo. Write the # tag symbol and a word to describe your image. Make sure you add only relevant hashtags to your photos. You never have to spam your posts with dozens of irrelevant hashtags. That just makes you look like a spammer.

Post a photo of beach, silhouettes and of a sunset? You want to Use the hashtags #silhouette, #beach #sunset. If perhaps you’ve employed a specific application to edit your Instagram photo, you can use the name of the application as a hashtag. Another easy way to place your photos in front of other Instagramers is to follow many people.

Strategy to attract followers
Find someone with photos like yours and follow the followers of this person. You will be notified that you are following them, and many will see your profile. But to know how famous Instagram is, you not only need to follow people, you also need to interact with the people you follow. If you follow someone and you never like or comment on any of his photos, you are considered a ghost follower.

You’ll get better results by commenting on the photos of the people you follow. That way they will know that you are a real person; it may be that following many people is not practical, in this case, you could still get a load of exposure just by leaving significant comments in their very photos or post, even if you never follow them.

Should you leave an encouraging comment; the user can check their profile. And if your profile is good, you will get a new follower. It is more likely that your comments will be noticed by people who don’t have many “likes” or followers. You also have more chances to be noticed when commenting on the latest photos. Leave only comments for people who are likely to become your followers.

Step #3: Interact With Your Instagram Followers

Everyone is obsessed with the number of Instagram followers. But becoming famous Insta is not just the number of followers you have. It is also important that you keep your followers happy and engaged. Your goal is to build a relationship with them and get the most out of your Instagram experience.

Post photos regularly so people don’t forget who you are. At the same time, you never want to post too often. If someone does not like one of your photos, they will probably follow you. However, if you post three photos in succession, you’re more likely to lose a successor.

For this reason, I recommend not publishing more than three times a week. Remember that quality always exceeds quantity. It is better to only publish great photos, even if it means that they are published less frequently. Make your photos more interesting and valuable by adding subtitles. Ask a question, tell the story of how you took this picture, or add useful tips to the picture.

Attitude is everything
And be nice to your followers as well. Answer your comments and questions, you will notice if you say “thank you” or answer any question if makes your Instagram followers feel at home. Interacting with your very own Instagram followers is indeed a great method to actually keep folks happy as well as engaged. There is nothing better than building lasting relationships with your Instagram followers.

Employ these Instagram tips and some others, such as Instagram stories and live videos so your followers will always have you in sight. Being famous on Instagram does not happen overnight, especially if you want it legitimately.

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