The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Followers and Likes

Instagram is no more a platform for teenagers only. It has gained so much popularity in recent times with 150 million active users that people have started using it to promote their business as well. Well, the most important thing that you need on Instagram is to get followers and likes as many as possible. If you are the one who hasn’t learnt the strategies that help you get more followers and likes on Instagram then this article will help you learn the best ways to do that.

Promote the Instagram images on FB page to gain more FB likes

Facebook is also a perfect platform to share your photos. The news feed helps you post high resolution and big images. You can convert your Facebook Fans into Instagram followers and it is super easy. Simply post teasers – Instagram exclusives on FB page along with a link to get the exclusive content over your Instagram account.

You can also make use of some cool apps to portray your Instagram images on Fb page. It will be visible in a tab. Yet another amazing way to use the fanbase on Facebook to get more followers and likes is by organizing an contest on Instagram right in a tab present on FB page.  It is one of the best ways to let your fans know about your Instagram account and help them share with their friends.

Promote your Instagram account on your website

Certainly, your website is where high amount traffic drives in for your products/services etc. It means your homepage can help you promote the Instagram account to attract to more likes and followers.

Incorporate Instagram content in Email Newsletter

For all businesses, email becomes the prime factor for online marketing. You can keep your customers engaged through email newsletters that contains interesting contain and your customers find it interesting to read on a regular basis. You can attain new followers and likes on Instagram via the list of subscribers with images from Instagram included in your emails.

Contests on Instagram

One of the effective method to get more followers and likes on Instagram is through contests. You can run a contest on Instagram and announce a prize for example a simple gift card which will drive more people to talk about you and follow you on Instagram.

Like to win is one of the best contest that helps fetch more followers and likes. Here you can request the participants to follow your and like your post. This will help you get more followers without approaching the potential customers only.

Comment/Like the photos of others users on Instagram

It is a good practice to communicate with other Instagram users to let them respond back to you. You can search for post that contain same videos and images as yours and start commenting them and like them. This works really great if you have similar photos as that of others for the posts you comment on. The photo posted by a particular user will check your account and they respond back when they get to see the interaction from you and connect with similar photos you have posted. If they are impressed with your way they will be likely to see more photos posted on your account and follow you in return.

You can find a collection of cool photos that you can comment on as well like via hunting for hashtags that are similar to your hashtags. You can accomplish this by discovering hashtags that are widely used by the current followers on your account. This will help you reach a wider audience and broaden your network.

Make use of popular hashtags

Hashtags is a key to finding new images on Instagram. Search for the common hashtags used by your targeted audience in your images and include them to your images. You can also search for the current hashtags that are trending to add them to your images.

Using popular filters would be an added advantage

Just like utilizing popular tags, many users also use filters with photos.

The popular filters used are rise, normal, Earlybird, Hudson, Amaro, Valencia, Hefe etc.,

Integrate Multiple Images

Ty to post a number of images integrated into one. You can use apps to create them. Such images attract 25 per cent more comments and 20 per cent more likes as compared to single images.

You can integrate multiple pictures and get more comments and likes and in turn more followers. Remember, the picture or story should be engaging as content is important.

Share photos that attract the customers

The content you post should be customer focussed content. When you are posting any content on Instagram, do not rush to hit the share button, instead think if the content you are about to post will be useful for the customers? How are they going to get benefited via the content? Why would the customer be interested? How the content can be made appropriate for the followers?

Make sure you consider the aspects that benefit your customers and focus on what benefits you will get through marketing. The ideal photos you should select will be the ones that display the product which is in use, which will be like a free advertising that comes from your follower. This helps you keep more users engaged in looking at your profile to check if the image gets selected or if the photo posted by their friend is selected.


If you are trying to get followers in hundreds to see your account grows then starts like nearly thousands of relevant images per day. This can be a time consuming task but it works and you will be able to see your account grow well. One thing that will happen using this method will be that half of the followers may be fake, but you will also get genuine ones in the process. You can follow the strategies given above to get more followers and likes.