How do you save Instagram pictures?

There are over One Billion users on the Instagram social media platform and at any given 24 hour period it is estimated that more than half of them which is a colossal 500 million are on the platform daily. We know that the Earth rotates and when we sleep there is another part of the world population very wide awake. Hence it is interesting to note that Instagram and all other social media sites do not cease to be active at any given time. They are all active all through and do not go to sleep like us.

This immense following has uploaded more than 50 billion photos since the advent of the Instagram platform and most of these photos are used and reused for various endeavors across the world. If you upload a picture which would catch the eye of a user in some far recess of the globe it could be used for some purpose or other.

This is what makes Instagram such a special platform and has brought it to the public domain in no uncertain terms. It has been a phenomenon that is here to stay and would be among us for a very long time to come.

We may think that some photos may not be used but that would not be the case always. There are one billion users worldwide and that is one seventh of the world population and hence the chances are every picture would have been used at least once. It may be difficult to digest but it could be true too. The Instagram social media platform is being used prolifically today and with 50 billion photos uploaded onto the platform and the immense activities that are being practiced around the world this fact should be food for thought for those who are interested in the matter.

If you are to save any of the pictures that are available on the Instagram platform to be used later it would be necessary to save it and then use it. The selection is very wide and it could be quite a tedious task to select the right picture that would catch your eye and to fit the endeavor that you have in mind. The pictures could be of picturesque places, animals, people, sceneries, and many more.

If you want a picture to fit your profile or your new website taking the perfect picture from the Instagram platform would save you a lot of money and most of all time. Apart from the 50 billion photos that are already on the Instagram platform, there are more being uploaded every day. There is no dearth of photos if you would want one and hence the best [place to look for them would be the Instagram platform. Many do come onto this social media platform looking for that perfect picture that they would like.

It is not the saving of a photo that should be noted by you very carefully but the prevalent copyright rules governing photos displayed on the Instagram platform. If the photo is your original work then you would have the sole prerogative of using it whichever way that you would want to. But if it is the work of another then it is imperative that you obtain prior permission in writing form the originator of that particular photo. The rules pertaining to copyright on the Instagram platform is quite strict and everyone on the platform would need to adhere to them.

The copyright rules are in force to prevent others from using your pictures without your permission and it is due to this that there is no save option on the Instagram platform when you see a photo that would catch your eye. The process could be long drawn because Instagram makes sure that no unscrupulous activities takes place under their watch. This has been fair to everyone and has worked well too. Today there is a major clamoring that is being heard all over the world about copyrights and it is more so that every effort needs to be taken to ensure it is practiced in deed and in spirit.

The 50 billion photos that we are aware of as being on the Instagram platform need to be protected as they are valuable because of the fact that they are unique in their own way. For one thing there would not be another picture like it ever again.

They are all unique in that sense and being preserved for posterity is everyone’s prerogative. Those who would have captured the photos may not be among us but their work would stand as testimony towards their dedication to the Instagram social media platform. It is in this context that we need to see this very progressive aspect of the Instagram platform.