How to Regram: Best Practices for Reposting on Instagram

It happens even to the best of us, while going through your Instagram feeds; you stumble on that irresistible post you can’t help but feel like reposting. While this may sound so easy, you need to ensure that you are following best practices for reposting user-generated content on Instagram especially when you operate a business account.

Reposting user-generated content on Instagram which is more commonly referred to as “regram” has a number of benefits for brands who use Instagram as a part of their marketing strategy. You are not breaking any law as far as you stay within the rules of regram. No doubt, learning best practices for reposting on Instagram is the key to taking your marketing strategy on Instagram to the next-level.

Most brands feel obligated to regram especially when a consumer creates content about the brand on Instagram. Most people actually don’t’ understand whether reposting is legal or not. However, we know for sure that it is an easy way to fill your Instagram feed with awesome contents. It will also help you to be more active, build your Instagram community rapidly as well as gain more followers.

However, don’t forget that reposting could land your business in hot water especially when you neglect the rules and best practices of reposting contents on Instagram.
In this article, you will learn about best ways and best practices of reposting user-generated content on Instagram to fit into your marketing and help you enjoy the benefits.

7 Top Regram Best Practices You Need To Know

1. Always Give Credit By Taking the Content Creator

As a brand, you don’t want to enter into a messy plagiarism war. You need to give credit to whom credit is due when you want to repost a content on Instagram. This is easy, most people are happy when you repost their content, they just don’t want you to take credit for the content.

To make sure you give the necessary credit to the content creator, always make sure you tag them. You can write something like “Photo take by @hisinstagram”. You can as well indicate the original owner of the photo by mentioning his name alongside camera emoji.

2. Ask For Permission

While a good number of Instagram users will be happy when you repost their content, there are some especially competitors looking for an opportunity to bring you down. Unfortunately, there is no way to know these people. You can avoid putting yourself in such trouble by asking for a permission to repost the content.

You can ask for permission by messaging the user privately or making a comment on the photo. This way, they know in advance that you want to repost their content. This will save you from embarrassment from enemies within.

3. Avoid Editing

Some users will get mad when you edit their photos before reposting. Most people who regram other people’s picture by taking a screenshot do this a lot. You should always do your best to avoid this; it could lead to a confrontation with the original owner.

4. Obey Any Guidelines Set By Original Creator

If the actual owner of the content has some guideline about reposting his content, make sure you are aware of them and you stick to them no matter how frustrating or ridiculous the guidelines may seem. It doesn’t matter if they are unpopular or not, you should obey their wishes.

5. Don’t Regram Everything

Common! You don’t need to regram everything you see on your feed. While it may seem like such an easy way to come up with contents, doing so consistently will make you seem lazy and boring. Learn to come up with your own unique contents. You followers will get fed up when all you do is repost other people’s content.

6. Don’t Forget To Flatter the Original Owner

We always feel appreciated when someone flatters us. Don’t forget to compliment the original owner of the content. You can do this through the comment section, private messaging, or by saying nice words on the regram and tagging the owner.

7. Avoid Using the Photo on Your Other Social Media Accounts

Just because someone gives you permission to repost his content doesn’t mean you have free reign over it. If the original poster did not explicitly say you can use it anywhere you want, you should limit the use of the photo on Instagram. You can get your brand in a hot water when you use the same photo on your other social media accounts such as on Facebook and Twitter. It is highly unethical to grab the photo and share on other social media sites.


There you have it! Reposting is a win-win for everyone when done right. When you follow the best practices of reposting a user-generated content on Instagram, you will give your followers something to talk about or ponder on. But you need to do it right so that you don’t get into trouble with the original owner.

No doubt, regram is a great way to come up with awesome contents for your Instagram account. However, don’t repost everything you see, remember to mix them up with your own unique contents so you can keep your audience engaged, active, and happy.