How to Reach Brands and Create Sponsored Posts

Instagram has one billion monthly active users. 500 million of those users get involved daily in the platform, and not only are they committed to their best friends. They are also committed to brands, 10 times more than on Facebook. Because 60% Instagram users are discovering new products on this special social media and also more than 190 million users visit a business profile no less than once a day, this is a platform worth focusing on.

Therefore, the following analyzes how to use Instagram-sponsored publications for your business, including tutorials on how to create them, when you should use them and how they are different from other types of Instagram ads.

As expected, Instagram is an exceptional platform for brand awareness, and getting more followers means you could get more participation, more traffic and, of course, more sales.

Using any type of strategy to achieve greater reach can help you get more of those results, and Instagram-sponsored publications are a fantastic way to gain greater reach, get followers and establish brand awareness.

What Are Sponsored Posts On Instagram?

Instagram-sponsored publications (sometimes used to refer to “promoted” publications) are organic publications on the platform you pay to promote. When you do this, you are not creating a completely new ad with the same creativity, but you have a similar post to put out to more users out there.

Like the rest of the Instagram ad options, you can choose some targeting criteria. If you are using the promoted publications that occur within the application, you can boost a publication and select the criteria for age, location and interest segmentation. This is a bit more limited, but it is also simplified.

These publications are only going to appear on IG, however, you could aim to drive traffic to your site and add the URL of your choice along with an action button.

If you’re publishing commitment-oriented sponsored posts while using the Ads Manager tool, you can choose a previous Instagram post from your profile and then use all the placement as well as targeting options existing for typical Instagram & Facebook ads.

In this case, all the commitment you get in and out of Instagram will be transferred to the organic publication as the campaign is executed.

It is a pretty good deal; someone comments on a Facebook ad and that comment is accumulated in the Instagram organic post to help get more contacts.

Which One Should You Choose?

Promoted posts allow you to have links and action buttons, and it’s a simplified version of the create an ads tool for anything. That said, its orientation is more limited and has no reorientation capabilities, so it is more suitable for brands with a broad and general audience (including local brands) than for those with super-niche targeting needs.

Sponsored publications through the ad system give you more cross-platform reach if you want and targeting capabilities and you can still add a clickable button and a URL. The creation process takes a little more time and is not done within the application, but all the advantages and reasons suggest that sponsored publications will be the way to go for most companies.

As a bonus with sponsored publications, if you are using various types of location, you can also see a general decrease in contact costs.

The Instagram Ads Types

Both sponsored publications and sponsored cross-platform publications to focus on the promotion of existing publications as they are or currently exist. However, other Instagram ads types will prioritize some other precise actions out there. Lead generation, Brand Awareness, Traffic and then conversions.

Even if you use the same image and text in other types of Instagram ads that you have in an existing post, you’re not using the existing post. This means that the commitment will be born and then die in that announcement and that you will not be able to capitalize on any of the commitments you already have.

Instagram and Facebook show their ads to the people who are most likely to perform the preferred action, so employing sponsored posts is indeed not exactly a permanent card to go out and get a greater commitment forever when trying to get potential customers in the same way.

Creating Sponsored Publications In Ads Manager Is Easy. Check It Below
First, go to the Create a Facebook ad page and then choose your goal in Engagement.

Next, You Will Choose Your Orientation.
You can be strategic here, target similar high-value audiences or be specific with niche guidance if your publication attracts certain specific groups of people. If you wish, you can also keep your audience in general terms.

You Want To Choose Your Locations And Then Your Budget.
With regard to locations, if maybe you want to use it for your benefit or to get more engagement, you must choose platforms where people can see those likes, comments, and actions.

The ads in the side column, for example, won’t give you that.

Then It’s A Creative Time.
Fortunately for you, sponsored posts on Instagram are easy creatives to do because you’re simply choosing creativity you’ve already done.

Be sure to choose the Instagram version of your post if it looks similar on Facebook, and add action buttons if you wish.

And Again, Check Your Ad And Send It.

When to create sponsored Instagram posts

Sometimes, your best bet to get results will be to use the traditional ad system in all its glory to concentrate on driving conversions or perhaps local traffic, or even anything else you might want.

Some Of The Best Use Cases For Sponsored Stories Are:

When you want to promote Instagram Shoppable publications: Buying on Instagram allows companies to tag products in their images, and when users click, they see product details and can click again to go to the product page and buy immediately.
They only function on the mobile devices and IG, so use sponsored posts or promoted posts with locations just for Instagram to get more views on that content.
When you want to take advantage of posts that are doing well, use them to get more results in a sponsored campaign, because:
• It will help you perform greatly with some other audiences
• The accumulated will work in your favor

When you want to accumulate more audience, having user-generated content in your ads, which is great, but having them in your organic posts is even better. When users see high participation rates, they will notice. Creating sponsored publications to capture more audience in the original organic publication is a solid strategy for this, and does not imply any type of incomplete bots or unethical practices.

When you just want more visibility and brand recognition. If it is not an e-commerce company, and you only need to increase general knowledge about your company and your products, you can use sponsored publications to increase brand visibility and awareness and begin to foster those relationships.


When used at the right time and for the correct use cases, Instagram-sponsored publications can be a great asset for brands. In general, it is more beneficial for most brands to use a combination of traditional Instagram ads, with links/traffic/ focused on sales and posts sponsored by Instagram for different purposes and to more effectively achieve a diverse set of goals.
Sponsored publications are ideal to boost the momentum of organic publications, while advertisements are excellent for driving more specific actions in general. However, you can try both and see what works best for your business.