How to Properly Disclose Sponsored Instagram Posts According to the FTC

The FTC Rules for Instagram and some other Social Media Sponsorships and Contests leave little room for error. This is incredibly important for bloggers and social marketing. We will give you the breakdown so you do not get into hot water with the government by promoting your assets or running a social contest. Since these may change in the future, we recommend that you go directly to your FAQ for the latest FTC updates.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) called more than 90 Instagram influencers and advertisers to order for not mentioning that their posts on social networks had been sponsored.

The FTC rules state that social network users must clearly indicate their relationship with advertisers, if any, with a hashtag #ad or perhaps #sponsored. The Commission, which works for consumer rights, wants to make advertising on Instagram completely transparent, in the interest of consumers. Beyond the hashtags, she recommends the mention of a clear and precise sentence that describes the partnership.

According to a case study of the site Socialmediaexplorer, of the top 50 Instagram influencers, which represent a total of 2.5 billion followers – only 7% of their sponsored posts follow the rules of the CFC. A very poorly enforced regulation since it means that out of about 58 sponsored posts per year, only 3 would be FTC standards.

Here Is A General Description Of The Important Points:

If you have a material connection to a business, you must clearly disclose such associations in all sponsored Instagram publications.

The material connection may include the collection of fees, the acceptance of a gift or even a business or family relationship with the company.

You can use #ad or maybe #sponsored in the lovely Instagram title, however, your hashtag should be plainly visible to Instagram users.

If perhaps you do not employ the hashtag, you must make it absolutely clear when a publication will be sponsored. It depends on the language you use.

Tagging a business in a photo on Instagram is considered approved if you have (or have had) a material connection to that business. In such cases, you must specify the company in the title.

A prominent and overlapping disclosure must be included in all sponsored Instagram stories.

If you have no business relationship with a product or company that you advertise, you do not need to disclose it.

If you promote content that was sponsored on Instagram and created on another channel (such as your blog), you must disclose the partnership in both locations.

The revelations of integrated platforms, such as the function of the paid company of Instagram, do not always meet the requirements of the FTC. It’s best to reveal it in the title as well.

While influencer-driven marketing is one of the best ways to reach specific audiences on Instagram, it is important that influential people and companies spread this type of association and sponsor Instagram contributions. Be sure to keep up with the FTC guidelines and spread the word in case of doubt!

So, How Do You Create A Disclosure That Follows The Rules?

It’s easy! Instagram stories make it easy to create a visual publication because there are built-in tools that allow you to fade in the font over a video or image. Just as you write #ad or maybe #sponsored in your Instagram title, so can you do with your Instagram story. Here are some tips to make sure your Instagram sponsorship is properly disseminated:

1. You Want To Be Blunt Always

Avoid using sophisticated language or online slang. The disclosure should be made for the average person (also known as your grandmother), not as a fan of social networks

2. Make The Disclosure Easy To Read And Follow.

Basically, the source should not be minimized so much that it is unreadable. Make sure that the text makes enough contrast of the background image to highlight it (an easy way to do that is by using the fixed background feature for the text.) The important thing is not to insert the disclosure in the bottom corner in the hope that no one will notice that his amazing tour of the hotel is indeed a #ad

3. Pay Attention To How Long The Disclosure Remains On The Screen.

The goal of Instagram sponsorship disclosure is for people to understand that they are one. Since Instagram stories can be a snap, keep in mind how long your followers can see the image or video

4. Do Not Turn It Into A Needle In A Haystack.

With Instagram Stories, it’s easy to be creative and put a lot of emojis of text and fun on the image or video. Remember, all disclosures should stand out from the crowd to pass the test.

5. You Want To Disclose It In All Stories.

Unfortunately, if you have an Instagram sponsorship that requires multiple Instagram stories, we cannot tell you, but it needs to be properly disclosed. You can never assume that someone has seen the first story in which he made the revelation, and treat each story as independent of the others, as he would in a traditional Instagram publication.

Do You Also Require An Audio Disclosure Out There?

Not really, but even if you make a visual disclosure about your Instagram sponsorship, we recommend that you make an audio disclosure just as to build trust and transparency with your followers. If you’re getting a free stay at a 5 star hotel and want to show your viewers the fantastic property, it’s a wise decision to thank the hotel for its connection to the incredible stay: (1) it will keep you in front of your viewers; and (2) will also make the Instagram sponsor really happy that you recognized them in your very own video out there.


As a general rule, you always put yourself in the place of the viewers when you create your disclosure, because the most important thing is that it makes sense to them, not to you. If your followers are loyal, they’ll understand that Instagram Sponsorships are the way you pay your bills as well as they do not mind should you be upfront. In addition to legal compliance, transparency is always a great idea: nobody likes a shady individual.

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