The Power of Instagram Influencers

It’s not enough to be an Instagram user, you need to become an Instagram influencer. Instagram can only provide you with a platform to voice your opinions, but it doesn’t matter what you say unless it can be heard. That’s the power of becoming an Instagram influencer. As an influencer, you will gain the ability to capture the attention of users at scale, build trust with these users over time, and eventually convert them to customers for your business or open up high value collaborations and partnership opportunities.

Attention is sought after by many large corporations and many have started investing in influencer marketing. With the collapse of TV viewership, advertisers are looking for more cost efficient ways to market products and services. Within the last few years, influencer marketing has become more than a billion dollar industry and is expected to grow exponentially within the next few years. It’s crazy that we live in an age where you can make a decent living through sponsored posts.

To provide you some perspective, if you have an account today with around 100K followers with an engagement rate between 2-3% (calculated by the average number of likes/comments per post divided by your total followers), you can earn between $300-$500 off a single sponsored post. Sell two post a week, and you’ll be making a $52K income.

The best part is that to marketers, that $300-$500 price tag they’re paying you for a post is insanely undervalued. To bring the same amount of attention, marketers know they would be paying 3X the price running Google Ads or advertise through traditional media such as TV or billboards. For those interested in finding out how much their Instagram posts are worth, check out: It’s a simple calculator that estimates how much you should charge for a sponsored posts based on the number of followers you have and the amount of engagement you get per post.

Becoming an influencer isn’t only important for lifestyle bloggers, it’s as important for small businesses looking to advertise their business for free. Advertising is expensive, and trust me I know. When I first started WorkMacro, I would spend upwards of $500 a day advertising on Google and Quora. Now, I get 10% of my traffic into my landing page for free through my Instagram account. That’s $18K a year worth of free advertising.

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