The Positive Side of Instagram Automation

Instagram is a versatile platform which could turn your business around whilst providing immense exposure among prospective customers. This is a very popular social media platform to be on, if you are a nascent business that is trying your hand in the intricacies of digital marketing.

Instagram and Facebook

Instagram has broken all barriers after it came under the purview of Facebook and has become the most popular medium to transmit images and text instantaneously across the globe. The support that Facebook has provided to Instagtram has been tremendous. This has been one aspect which has propelled the latter to have climbed rapidly on the social media platform.

It is assumed that Facebook paid a colossal amount of US $ One billion in cash and stocks to acquire Instagram in March 2012. It is after this deal that Instagram started to break all barriers and surge ahead.

Colossal following on Instagram

Digital marketing could be very competitive with many avenues available to marketers to take their marketing messages to the palms of their prospective customers. Instagram is just one of them with about 800 million monthly users worldwide with an estimated 500 million of them present on the platform in any given 24 hour period of time.

Digital marketing professionals would leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking their marketing messages through and what they do on Instagram is to share images, video and content with others which provides the exposure that they need. This could be quite a tedious issue, because a constant monitoring of the company’s Instagram platform is necessary to ensure you get the opportunity to comment and place likes on the posts of prospective customers.

Instagram bots

This is circumvented Instagram automation by using Instagram bots, which are really robots doing what we should be doing. The use of Instagram bots or Instagram automation is not encouraged by the parent company for so many reasons. The primary reason is that, it does not conform to the rules governing the use of the Instagram platform. Another blatant negative factor has been that Instagram automation or Instagram bots have made some inappropriate comments on posts.

Digital marketers nevertheless use Instagram bots to ensure they stay in focus with their prospective customers commenting and sharing posts just like a human would do but at a fraction of that cost. The interaction with prospects when a company uses an Instagram bot is very much faster that how human’s would respond.

The development and introduction of Instagram bots gave digital marketers some leverage where they let an inanimate third party in this case a computer app to do what they had to do.

The Instagram bot basically did three distinct actions and that was by leaving comments in user’s pages or accounts, placing likes, and third by either following or un-following other accounts. These three actions though looked simple to execute took much time for digital marketers.

On the contrary once the Instagram bot is commanded what it’s tasks are it would perform them with impeccable results. They could do what you would want them to do. This was similar to “ChatBox” but slightly more sophisticated.

Another major advantage in employing an Instagram bot or embarking on Instagram automation rather than a human would save money and the responses would be quick. The reaction time of an Instagram bot cannot be compared with a human as it is much faster.

The other very pertinent factor is that a human cannot be employed for 24 hours, all seven days of the week unless of course you have a large team to undertake that endeavor. In the case of Instagram automation a versatile app would be working round the clock, 24/7 with no breaks in-between.

Instagram automation would also boost your company’s following among your prospective customers engaging with more faster than a human would. This would help to widen your customer base and ensure growth in your business.

Engaging with many prospects at the same time could be a superhuman effort but it would not be so if you employ Instagram automation as it would in doing just that effectively.

The only negative here would be that being an inanimate engagement you may not be aware what transpired between the Instagram automation app and your prospective customer unless you manually picked it up and re-engaged yourself.

Like in every automated apps of this sort there are advantages that are positive with some negatives too. But on an overall count Instagram automation does pay off by being cost effective and ensures faster reaction time.

Speed is the essence on the digital marketing platform because the exposure is not limited to any geographical area but it is universal and globalized and Instagram is leading the way hence Instagram automation could help on that aspect immensely.

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