The Most Popular Instagram Filters for Your Photos

You have the idea for the perfect photo. Sadly, your iPhone 5 doesn’t camera doesn’t take pictures as bright or clear as you want it to be. With a swipe of your finger, you can quickly turn your dull, blurry photos to professional photography masterpieces.

From the photo below, we made a quick comparison between no filter (on the left) versus using the lark filter (on the right). As you can see, the photo with the lark filter is much brighter and detailed than its normal comparison.

From a study conducted by Stefan Pettersson using a sample of 2 million accounts, the first finding was that over 18% of all photos use a filter.

Another exciting find was that the amount of filter used decreases with more followers. Our thought is that with more followers, they are producing higher quality content that requires more than Instagram filters to produce. You can see more of this study here: Statistics: How filters are used by Instagram’s most successful users

Instagram filters are accepted, but are they effective? A study by Canvas shows that by using the right Instagram filters, you can also get upwards to 200% more likes on your photos. That is quite impressive since Instagram filters are free to use, and simple to add to your photos.

The only problem you’ll run into is to choose the correct filter for your photos. With 20+ Instagram filters to choose from, its tough just remember what each filter does. Thanks to Canva, they solved the problem for us by figuring out the most popular and effective filters used in the world and the United States.

Here are the Results:

The World’s Most Used Filters

1. Claredon

2. Juno

3. Gingham

America’s Most Used Filters

1. Claredon

2. Gingham

3. Juno & Lark

Most Effective Instagram Filters by Category

Nature: Valencia

Fashion: Kelvin

Food: Skyline

Selfie: Normal

See the original article by Canva here: Study: The Most Popular Instagram Filters From Around the World 

Canva is an incredible software to help you easily create beautiful design and documents. From Instagram posts to book covers, Canvas has you covered with millions of templates to choose from.

We covered how you can use Canva to create Instagram posts in this article here: 5-essential-tools-manage-multiple-Instagram-accounts

How to Add and Manage Your Filters on Instagram

1. Click the plus sign and select the photo you want to upload to Instagram

2. Select the filter you would like to apply and play with the scale to see how much of the filter settings you want to apply

3. To manage your filter, scroll to the far right of the filters and click manage

4. Select the filters you want to appear in your quick select and sort the order you wish the filters to be displayed

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