The Most Popular Instagram Bots Compared (2018)

As Instagram is growing into a monster of a social network, more people are looking for new ways to become Instagram famous. The progress takes time and dedication, but Instagram bots can help you accelerate your growth.

What is an Instagram Bot?

Instagram automation works by leveraging software, often known as “bots” to carry out certain tasks such as:

– Likes
– Follow/Unfollow
– Comments
– Direct Messages
– Posting Images and Stories
– Deleting Posts

Bots also have lots of filters to make sure it’s only engaging with users you’re looking to target. With filters, you can target users based on:

– Gender
– Location
– Not Private or Do Not have a Profile Picture
– Last Active
– Follow Ratio
– English Accounts Only
– Who they Follow
– And a lot more…

With bots, you also control how often they are interacting with each user and when. You have control over:

– When the Bot is On or Off
– How Many Actions It Should Complete in An Hour/Day/Week
– Delay Between Each Action

The benefit of an Instagram bot is that it automatically engages with people, and increasing the likelihood of them following you back. It also requires no manual work from the user, just some time to set it up.

To read more about the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram bots, read this article here: Q&A: Is Instagram Automation Worth It?

Instagram Bots on the Market Today

Instagram has been shutting down a few of the popular online tools such as Instagress and Massplanner. Both companies were forced to shut down their services for violating Instagram’s API Terms.

Though the companies were shut down, there were little reports of users getting blocked or banned for using the services. From our own experience, we never had an account banned from Instagram.

There are only two Instagram bots that we have used extensively and are very reliable as long your bots are set up correctly.




If you’re worried about getting banned using Instagram automation, give this article a quick read: The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Instagram Automation

The Best Bot for 2018: FollowLiker

To effectively determine the best bot for 2018, we based our decision based on the following criteria:

1. Functionality: Winner – Tie

Both these tools are feature packed and will have everything you need to manage your Instagram bot efficiently. Key things we looked for is the essential features listed above, the ability to simulate human activity by setting delays for each action, and the ability to set up an automation schedule.

Lastly, we looked at the nice to have features such as the ability to schedule posts, delete posts, and detailed activity logs in case there are errors.

We can say these tools have it all. On top, customer support has been great with response times under 24 hour.

Something important to mention is that FollowLiker can also work for other social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. We did not consider this in the ranking because it’s not a core functionality in the Instagram version, but you can purchase the extended licenses to the other platforms.

Functionality will vary depending on which network you’ve chosen, and the interface is the same as the Instagram version of FollowLiker. We have tried both the Tumblr and Twitter edition and has worked very well for us. If you’re looking for an all-in-one automation tool, we would recommend going with FollowLiker.

2. User-Interface: Winner – FollowLiker

The decision was very close between the two tools. The only reason we gave FollowLiker the advantage is because of how straightforward the setup process was for new users.

The account setup process is easy for both tools. Enter your username, password, and proxy if you’re planning on managing multiple accounts and the tools will automatically log you in.

Where FollowLiker has the advantage is the automation setup process. Firstly, we love how FollowLiker has basic settings built into the tool to get you started. It also hides all the advanced settings until you are more familiar with the tool.

We also love how on FollowLiker, you can manage all your Instagram settings on a single wizard. Depending on what features you want to use, it will only show you the settings for the features you activate.

For example, if you just want to follow users, the tool will only show you the options you need to set up that particular function and hide everything else.

The only issue we had with FollowLiker is that it only allows for one automation schedule for all your tasks. You have control whether to run specific tasks on specific days, but it all has to be between 1 time.

As an example, you can turn on and off your follow tasks on Monday but you can only set it to run along with all the other tasks between a certain time. From the wizard, there is no way to tell the tool only to run the follow tasks between 9 am – 1 pm and the unfollow tasks between 2 pm to 4 pm. The only workaround is to run multiple instances of FollowLiker.

3. Price: Winner – FollowLiker

In the long run, FollowLiker will always be the cheaper option. For one account, FollowLiker will cost $58 one-time and $5.99 a month after the first month. FollowAdder will cost $8.33 a month without any one-time costs. Therefore, it will take about two years for FollowAdder to be more expensive than FollowLiker.

The pricing becomes significantly different if you plan on managing unlimited accounts. FollowLiker will only cost you $98 and $5.99 a month after the first month. FollowAdder has no unlimited option. The maximum accounts you can manage with FollowAdder is 25 and will cost $71 a month. Therefore, FollowAdder will be more expensive than FollowLiker after the second month.

Tutorial To get Set up with FollowLiker

There are lots of tutorials to get set up with FollowLiker. For an in-depth guide, we would recommend ImRisto’s guide: The Ultimate FollowLiker Instagram Tutorial

For those that like learning with a video, we recommend watching the video below by Aaron Ward.


Download or learn more about FollowLiker on their official site. The software will work on both Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

Have any questions on FollowLiker? Ask away in the comments below, and we’ll try to help you out.

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