Popamatic: An Interesting Alternative to Instagram Bots

Marketers are conflicted when it comes to Instagram bots. On one side, Instagram bots are highly impactful in growing your Instagram follower base when used correctly. On the other, it’s entirely against Instagram’s terms of service.

What this means is if you get caught by Instagram, your months and years of hard work on the account will disappear along with your account. What if I told you that there’s an alternative without the risk of getting your account banned?

Popamatic is an exciting alternative to automating your Instagram engagement, but at the same time compliant with Instagram’s terms of service. It works by performing all your likes, follows, and unfollows manually via human assistants.

Popamatic has the same functionality as the popular automation services Instagress and Mass Planner (which services now have been shut down by Instagram). Popamatic will allow you to target users by hashtags, location, and username. You can further optimize the tool by filtering down the audience by media age, media type, min/max comments, likes, and followers. To learn more about the tool, watch this get started video by Popamatic.


Popamatic doubles as an Instagram consultancy with your subscription. As described on the website, “Keep on top of your account with reports sent out by our Assistants every month. The report will have details on how your account has grown and any suggestions for improvement.” You’re probably not getting A-tier marketing consultancy recommendations, but it’s a nice-to-have service.

Monthly pricing is reasonable at $39 / month. Try Popamatic today with a seven-day free trial at https://popamatic.com/

At the same price, we run a similiar service thats pairs you with a dedicated Instagram manager that spends time engaging with people on Instagram for you. In addition, our Instagram managers use AI technology to help them find active and relevant Instagrammers to your target audience to engage with.

Learn more about our services: Grow: Instagram