Pitfalls of Using Instagram Influencers

What are the possible pitfalls of Using Instagram Influencers? And what the bad guys do in Influencer Marketing to get their profiles pushed? We want to take a closer look at these Pitfalls today. The cheating of Influencers occurs when paid online stars use artificially inflated follower numbers and interactions within their social media presence. This will make you more attractive to paying companies who hope to have a positive effect on your products through cooperation.

Influencer Fraud used to be sporadic in the past, but now the trend towards fraud has increased dramatically. According to the study by popular Group, 20% of followers of medium-known influencers are likely to be fraudulent and it could be terrible Pitfalls for you or your business.

Impact Of Influencer Fraud

This can be very expensive, especially for companies. And again, the influencer is sometimes paid very high that recommends selected products. This can have two negative effects on the company right away. Money is lost because no goal (advertising target or product sales) is achieved.

However, not only businesses are taking damage from a rising fraud trend. Likewise, the entire influencer scene is negatively affected. The confidence that influencers currently enjoy marketing is dwindling. Thus it is hardened for influencers, that these are commissioned by enterprises also.

From a global perspective, the influencer market has grown exponentially. According to Statista, by 2020, the market volume for Influencer Marketing in a certain region will be 990 million euros. Thus, it is a very lucrative and at the same time highly competitive market.

It does not have to be the case that the influencer consciously cheats. This can also be victims of a third party, because there are different forms, as can be tricked at a social media profile.

Follower Fraud – It involves the artificial inflation of Followers or persons who follow the influencer. This can easily be done via a tool. The tool generates fake accounts, links them with each other and with the profile of the influencer. So it is also possible that the number of Follower doubles overnight.

Engagement Fraud – Similar to the Follower Fraud, there is also a tool here, a so-called Bot or ‘Engagement Pod’ in action. These fake an interaction, such as a comment within the profile.

Fake Interest – In doing so, the influencer posts something about a topic that does not fit into its community! With a quick look at his profile, it looks natural, as if the subject area was covered as well.

For example, something is being posted about fashion, but it is a community interested in the online software. Accordingly, it looks at first glance as if the subject of fashion would also be covered.

Check Comments To Identify Pitfalls

A reference to comments from bots provides many simple similar comments. These may be: sweet, great, love it!

The authority of the influencer IG account is indeed another decisive factor: is the person followed by some other recognized Instagram influencers? If it is not the case, it’s indeed a poor sign.
The engagement rate is as well a good indicator. It’s easy to check the ratio of like / subscribers to a post. For example, if the user has 100k followers and only 100 likes, its authenticity will be suspected.

Similarly, if many people only post a smiley, it can be the automated commenting of a bot. In a real comment is usually written more, friends linked in the comment or real dialogue.

How To Identify Good Influencers?

Faced with the growing number of influencers present on the networks, it becomes more and more difficult to know how and who to contact. The most common mistake made by advertisers is to make this choice subjectively, limiting it to their network and observing the influencers who have a large number of fans.

There Are Two Aspects To Consider
1. Choosing an influencer consistent with its brand image
When setting up your campaign, your priority is to find a personality that matches your values. If your influencer does not share the values of your brand, its authenticity will be questioned and your reputation compromised.

A real reflection must be made to determine which personality will be in tune with you. To ensure a strategic choice, it is strongly advised to go through a marketing influence platform. These tools can benefit you on many levels:

They allow you to access the entire influencer market and compare them in an objective and comprehensive way.

The data they collect and analyze orients your research according to the themes of influencer publications and this, in just a few clicks.

Their technology can lead you to influencers you may not have thought of. Note that a message can sometimes be worn by influencers from a different world than the brand, but who share similar values and communities.

2. Choosing an influencer for your community
The very essence of influencers, true levers of digital communication, is the people they influence: their audience, their community, and their fans, thus, it’s necessary to determine the person status, which you want to engage in the social networks.

In the same way as to make sure that the influencer is in agreement with the image of your brand, going through a platform of influencer to analyze the community will be of great help to you.

Distributions by geographical location, age group, gender, are stuff you must give a thought also and the engagement rate of this community is also evaluated.

How To Identify Fake Influencers?

Faced with the rise of digital influence, more and more users are trying to pretend to be Key Opinion Leaders on social networks.

By far becoming the favorite platform of influencers, Instagram is attracting its share of scammers. Intending to secure partnerships with brands, some decide to buy followers. This scam is even bigger than the “fans” bought are not real but simple robots.

These scammers (who pretend to be ambassadors, bloggers or people they are not) benefit from the lack of knowledge of advertisers about it and the difficulty to detect this scam for being offered trips and products in all genres or to get paid for publishing photos.

The numbers are frightening. The number of fake accounts on Instagram is estimated to be 1 in 2, the main cause of many “do not work” campaigns. Knowing how to spot the fake influencers has become real expertise.


It is critical to your campaigning and brand integrity how thoroughly you review an influencer before placing an order. Unfortunately, this is associated with a higher amount of time. At best, an influencer is observed over several months. This has the advantage of being able to analyze the actual reach, growth of the community, the interaction rate, as well as the interests and demographics of the community.

To stay away from pitfalls of using Instagram Influencers, it’s important for companies to talk openly about influencer fraud and live a zero-tolerance policy. For instance, tell influencers before ordering that there is no understanding for a deceptive or manipulated representation of the profile metrics. Should an influencer show a manipulated procedure, he or she should not be commissioned, or the order should be withdrawn!