How do people earn money through Instagram?

Instagram is a market of One Billion prospects on one platform, along with its sister platform Facebook also boasting a market of about Two and a half Billion combined they are a gold mine. From the view point of any professional digital marketer these two social media platforms could be used effectively to bring any brand to a vast customer base and it has helped many to be successful on them.

Carefully scrutinizing these two amalgamated social media platform or taking Instagram as a separate entity many people are making thousands if not millions of dollars on it annually. It is estimated that Instagram churns out a colossal US $ 6.5 billion in revenue annually and this is indeed food for thought for all those out there who are making money and those who would be contemplating of making money.

There are a few very easy ways that you too could make some money on the Instagram social media platform if you could tap on the vast resources that it makes available to all those who would like to climb onboard the bandwagon. We look at the following which would provide you an idea and also the impetus to try your hand to make some money by diligently using this colossal gold mine.

Before you would start on such an endeavor we would like to give you a few tips, and they are:

– Select the niche that you would like to work in and what your platform would indulge in. Provide detailed information about you and your Instagram endeavor. Spill out what you would be doing and give a few keywords and hashtags so that you could be found easily.

– Always ensure that you post regularly and the ideal time would be once daily. Maintaining consistency is imperative for two reasons. One you would leave your followers stranded and the other would be that you would be penalized by Instagram if you are haphazard in your activities on the platform.

– Ensure your images and video are of the highest quality and would create and touch the appropriate chords in your followers. They will give up on you if you are boring and have nothing interesting to bring them regularly towards you.

– Employ the most relevant hashtags and they must speak out silently on your behalf and also they would let you be found easily when needed by your prospective followers.

– Keep your engagement with followers at optimum efficiency which would keep them always under your fold. It would take just a small deviation from your part to take them away from you.

The following five (05) ways could set you up on the way to a very successful future on the Instagram platform, and it is no joke because Selena Gomez who is an Instagrammer earns a record US $550,000 for every post she places on this versatile platform. You too could emulate her if you work hard and do the right things to bring you the great results she enjoys today.

It all revolves around the quantum of followers that you could bring under your wing. The more you would have would be merrier for you and would bring you accolades and money at all times of the day.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Promote and sell products for others and get paid for it. The more followers you have under your wing the easier it would be for you to sell their products. If you have just a 1,000 followers the money you earn could be miniscule but imagine if you have a million.

#2. Collating sponsors

Create content for a brand and post it on your platform and when it proliferates among your followers and they buy the product or service you would be paid for it. The more followers that you have would enhance your earnings.

#3. Sell your images

Post original and creative images on your platform and when they are picked up by others and used for various endeavors you would be paid. Hence the more you post the better chances that you would have.

#4. Promote products, services and brand

Once you have selected the niche that you would work in you could promote products, services and brands that would be relevant for your segment. When your followers buy through you the brand would pay you a commission on it. If you work hard and are very active the chances of earning a substantial amount would be your prerogative.

#5. Sell lock stock and barrel

Once your Instagram platform is widely known and there is a sizeable following, with many who are very likely to be influenced by you then you could sell your Instagram platform “lock. Stock and barrel” for a good price and move onto to another niche or start on something else more profitable.