OG Instagram: Is it worth replacing your Instagram App?

Instagram has lots of features, but it doesn’t always have the functionality you need. OgInsta or Insta+ is a modded version of Instagram that provides even more features that retain the look and feel of Instagram.

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re already out of luck since OG Instagram is only available for Android devices.

OgInsta versus Insta+

There are two versions of the app: OgInsta and Insta+. Our recommendation is to download OgInsta. Insta+ only works if you uninstall the original Instagram app from your phone.

Both apps have the same features and the same interface. We can’t see any reason why you would want to install Insta+ over OgInsta unless you’re really short on storage space.

Added Features

The app has three main added features:

1. Photo/Story Download: You can download any image or videos.

We love the idea of this feature, but it only really works if you plan on downloading one photo or video at a time. If OG Instagram implemented a sort of mass download functionality or a re-post button, then this app would be significantly better.

2. Follow indicator: You can know who is following you.

A nice to have functionality if you want to check if your followers are following you back. We wish there was a button to mass download all your followers and followings into a CSV so you can do some data analysis for your account.

3. Zoom in: You can zoom in and out on any image

A very creepy feature. If you’re looking to zoom in to better see your crush or to pinpoint yourself in a Steve Aoki concert, then I guess it has some value.

Final Verdict: You should not download this app

We were surprised how many people searched for this app. The only value we see is the ability to download Instagram posts without switching to another app. Unless downloading photos one at a time is something you need, we highly recommend you continue on using the original Instagram app.

If you want to learn more about the app, visit the official OGInsta+ site here.

What are some features that you’re dying to have on Instagram? Let us know down in the comments.