How to Market Your Brand on Instagram with the Help of Influencers

With more than 25 millions of businesses worldwide relying on Instagram for their traffic, there is no doubt that this photo-sharing app is the king of traffic. If you are looking to market your brand, look for no further, Instagram can help you.

There is a saying that your customers are on Instagram. With over 800 million monthly active users, it is difficult to argue with this statement. Moreover, more than 51% of Instagram users visit the platform at least once every day. If you are not getting the type of result you need from Instagram, there is something that you are not doing right.

Of course, when it comes to Instagram marketing, there are a lot of ways you can easily market your brand on Instagram. Some of these ways require action and patience. If you don’t have patience, but you are willing to take action, one of the fastest ways you can market your brand on Instagram is to get the help of Instagram Influencers.

Why Do You Need An Instagram Influencer?

Over the years, I have seen a lot of brands bought one Instagram marketing course that advised them to post pictures and post consistently. Of course, posting high-quality images consistently work when you are trying to market your brand, the only problem is that it takes forever to get a significant number of people following you and engagement.

What you will take you 6 months to build can be achieved in just one week of working with an experienced Instagram influencer. According to research, over 49% of buyers rely on influencer recommendations when they want to make a purchase. It does not stop there; over 78% of influencers prefer to use Instagram to connect with top brands for influencer marketing campaigns.

Of course, while collaborating with an Instagram influencer does not guarantee success, it significantly increases your chances of attracting more customers, improving your brand value, and increasing your revenue. If you are wondering how to achieve this, this article will teach you everything you need to know about using the help of Instagram influencer to market your brand on Instagram.

Top Ways to Use the Help of Instagram Influencer To Market Your Brand on Instagram:

1. Work With the Right Influencers

One thing every Instagram marketer will eventually realize is that not every influencer is right for you. When you want to work with an Instagram influencer, there will be a number of options you can choose from. Does it mean that you need the one that has the highest number of followers or the one with the most affordable rates? Of course not. It doesn’t work that way.

You need an influencer that is the right fit for your niche and your brand. Work with an influencer that is in your niche and knows exactly how to tell your brand story. If you are into travel, find an influencer that has followers interested in travel instead of working with a fashion influencer. Working with the right influencer is without a doubt, what will make a difference between success and failure.

2. Expand Your Reach with User-Generated Content

Remember that your goal is to make your campaign go viral. Marketing your brand on Instagram means desiring maximum engagement and reach for every post about your brand. You will have a better chance of achieving when you and the influencer work together to encourage people to create their own content about your brand.

With the right hashtag and description, you and the influencer can get your brand to go viral with user generated content.

3. Work With a Team of Micro-Influencers

This is one secret that always works when it comes to working with an Instagram influencer. Most people think they can get the best result when they work with a top influencer. However, you are likely to get a better result working with a team of micro-influencers. Working with a celebrity is very expensive. On the other hand, micro-influencers charge less and they have followers that are more engaged. Moreover, by gathering a team of micro-influencers, you will quickly achieve your campaign objective.

4. Create a Share-Worthy Content

If you want to go viral, you will need to create content that your followers will love to share. The truth is that no one can tell your story more than you. You don’t have to rely on your influencers for content. Come up with your own great, shareable content.

However, for your campaign with an influencer, allow the influencer to create the content since he probably knows his audience more than you. To ensure you are on the same page with your influencer, make sure you discuss your campaign goals before you start working together.

5. Analyze Your Result

Don’t continue to invest in influencer marketing until you have had an opportunity to analyze your result to see how your campaign is doing. You need to make sure you are meeting your campaign goals and objectives.

Take a look at the number of your followers, impressions, and traffic to your website for any changes. You also need to check how well your brand is performing in terms of engagement. This can easily be done by tracking reactions, likes, clicks, and even shares generated by your campaign posts.

Final Words

Working with an Instagram influencer is a great way to market your brand on Instagram. However, you need to ensure that you are working with the right influencer. Moreover, always analyze your result to see if you need to continue with the influencer or find another one.