How to Legally Repost Instagram Posts

Can you get in trouble for reposting Instagram Posts? This is one common question most Instagram users, especially brands ask. Most brands don’t want to violate Instagram terms of use. Unfortunately, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have a native feature that allows you to automatically repost within the app. Many people feared that due to the absence of this feature, the practice of sharing other people’s content is actually a violation of the terms of use of Instagram.

What Does Instagram Say About Reposting

When it comes to reposting on Instagram, the rules of Instagram isn’t explicitly against it. Instagram updated their TOS some months back to say that “you are responsible for any content you post on Instagram”. You can read the most current version of Instagram Terms here.

To put it in layman’s terms, what Instagram is saying is that you are responsible for whatever you choose to post. If you are to share content that you did not create, it is your responsibility to ensure you get proper permission before you do that. Instagram won’t shut your account down and has no concern with what you are posting as long as you have permission from the original creator of the content.

Over the years, I have seen brands get into trouble because they repost a post on Instagram. Someone may decide to embarrass your brand when you make a repost. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, there are different strategies you can use to legally repost Instagram posts.

Top Ways To Legally Repost an Instagram Post

1. Always Give Photo Credit

When you decide to repost a content created by another Instagram user, don’t forget to give credit to the original owner. This is considered one of the “best practices” that aren’t totally legal but you can get away with it.

Majority of Instagrammers are happy to have their photo reposted on a brand’s account provided you give them credit. Tagging them to the post is not enough. When you share a photo/video created by another user, make sure you give credit to them either in the post or on the comment section. This will definitely save you from embarrassment and allow you get the result you are hoping for.

2. Ask for Permission

When it comes to protecting your brand’s reputation, you can never be too careful. You can cover your bases legally by asking for permission before you repost someone else’s post on Instagram.

When it comes to asking for permission, a lot of people are confused about how to go about it. Some people wonder if you have to send a contract to the original owner to sign giving you full permission to repost. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that cumbersome. There are two ways you can ask for permission as explained below:

3. Ask On Comment Section

This is one of the most popular ways to obtain a permission to repost content. You don’t have to write long content. Short words like “Do you mind if I repost?” will do. Once the owner replies with a “yes”, you can go ahead.

4. Direct Message

Another way to obtain permission is to send a direct message to the content owner asking for permission to repost the content. To ensure there is no confusion about the image you are asking to use, go to the photo and tap the direct message button that looks like a paper plane, then type in the name of the account and then write a short message asking for their permission to repost the photo.

How to Safely Repost a Photo

After getting permission to repost a photo on Instagram, there is still a procedure you have to use to ensure you are legally and safely reposting a photo:

Make Use of Instagram Repost Tool

Instagram repost tool allows you to repost any photo with a watermark added to the image. When you make use of this tool, there will be a watermark with the original post creator’s Instagram username. This is a great way to properly give credit to the owner.

Screenshot the Photo

Using a reposting tool can affect the quality of the photo. Another great option is to screenshot the post, crop it, and then post on your brand’s Instagram handle. Don’t forget to tag and give credit to the original owner.

Repost With Reposting Tools

There are tons of Instagram reposting tools available today. You can find some of these apps on Google PlayStore. Simply type “Repost Instagram posts” and you will see many of them.

Final Thought

Reposting content on Instagram can be a great way to come up with great contents for your users and also showcase your business. Reposting someone else’s photo on Instagram may not seem like a big deal to most people. When you have a brand to protect, it is important that you take steps to ensure you avoid any legal issues that may come up from reposting a photo on Instagram.