Instagram Year in Review: Top Trends from 2018

If Instagram was originally a simple mobile application for publishing photos, it quickly became a universal social network under the umbrella of Facebook. More than a sharing platform, it’s an essential tool for small businesses, it’s added to your website to highlight and promote your products and services.

Since its creation, Instagram has metamorphosed. And if you want to stay in touch, you have to keep up to date; we know it’s not always easy to follow the train, which is why we have prepared a practical guide on what you need to know. So, what are the Top Trends from 2018? What features have made a smashing entry into the market? Here are the new Instagram features to know – and master – to grow your community.

Number#1.The Instagram Stories

A few years ago, strongly moved by the success of the well-known Snapchat, Instagram launches the Stories. The Stories feature lets you to publish photos as well as videos that disappear after 24 hours. What a success! Today, more than 300 million subscribers use it daily. So much so that the student has passed the master: since Instagram stories, those of Snapchat have decreased by 15% -40%.

Enough about statistics and competition, let’s see what this feature can do for your business. The basic idea of stories is simple: it’s to give a real overview of the day. Beyond that, what you can do is infinite. Present new products; document an event or a conference.

Some influencers produce high-quality videos every day. It’s a real art, but an ephemeral art. Since these videos will fade after 24 hours. To make so much effort for something that is bound to disappear may seem futile, but it can greatly increase your commitment. And it’s more fun!

Wait, I am told in the atrium that there is a way to prolong the pleasure. Not quite long, Instagram introduced Stories Highlights allowing you to pin your favorite Stories on your profile. In addition, they are now automatically saved in a private archive for easy access. You see that the trend is not about to stop. So if it’s not done yet, review your strategy and think about telling us a lot of Stories!

Number#2. Live Video

If you have followed the trends of social networks in general, you know that video is expanding – for some years now. Instagram could not miss this! You can now start a live video directly in your Stories. The advantage? People adore the direct, you can use it as you see fit, but it can be very useful for momentary content. Examples: the release of a new product, a preview of your launch day or even the announcement of the winner in a contest.

Live video is also a great way to promote engagement. Internet users can comment in real time, especially during a Q & A session. When your video is complete, you can share a replay that will be visible 24 hours. If you don’t want to see your artwork disappear, simply add it to your Stories Highlights so your subscribers can access it at any time. Even if you improvise, this is the whole idea of Instagram Stories, so have fun and enjoy the joys of live!

Number#3. Go to the UGC

Another Top Trends from 2018 is the UGC. Sorry to disappoint you, but it has nothing to do with cinemas. UGC, for User Generated Content, is the content generated by users. A customer touting your merits will attract more followers than any ad. But before taking pictures of other users and reposting them, you must follow certain instructions. There is no retweet on Instagram or Twitter. You will need to republish them yourself after obtaining permission from the owner.

Here is a simple and clear example of UGC: A person posts a photo or video of your product on Instagram with a message such as I love my new stuff, I just got it! This post shows a loyal buyer giving an unbiased opinion about your offer or your business. The UGC allows you to obtain quality and engaging content for your brand. And that at the expense of the princess, since you have nothing to do, the content comes directly from your customers.

Be flexible and adapt to algorithm changes

If the general principle of Instagram remains the same, there are some substantive changes. In 2018, the platform has adjusted its algorithm, which disrupts the order of appearance of the content. If you do not know this jargon, you may think that an algorithm change will have no consequence. There will be some, perhaps without even noticing you. Good practices can become useless or even negative, which will have an impact on your very own posts as well as your commitment.

The solution? You must cash and adapt. Of course, you can read all the articles on “how to beat the Instagram algorithm”. Not that it is useless, on the contrary, you can learn a lot. But each article is based on personal experiences. The best way is to do your tests and draw your own conclusions. Since Instagram will not reveal its secrets about its algorithm, you will have to follow the advice of others or see what works for you.

Number#4. The Micro-Influencers

If you don’t know this 2018 trend term, it’s pretty simple to truly define out there. A micro-influencer is indeed a person with between 1,000 and 100,000 engaged followers – that is, not those who are paid to inflate the numbers. It’s not about brands, but about users and we see it in their way of publishing and talking about the products they use. Micro-influencers are mostly specialized in a field: photography, travel, beauty, they review and test new articles and trends.

These people have a lot of credibilities, so contacting them for a partnership with your brand will be very beneficial for you. Here are some examples of popular Instagrammers who can make your happiness: @Jacobtrue for travel, @_modernfit for fitness and @Candidlychan for fashion.

Additional tips

Except you meet certain criteria or perhaps invest in the popular IG advertisements, the one and only clickable link available is on your profile page. For the moment, only business accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add links to their Stories. Unfortunately, you cannot start with thousands of counter subscribers. But never panic, things are changing fast; we don’t despair to see the functionality extended to more users of the network soon.

Lastly, do you know what allows you to place links to Instagram posts without having up to10,000 followers? The Instagram Wix feed. You can easily add the feed to your website and connect it to your account. Add links to your products, your blog or even your homepage to get your visitors where you want. These are the Top Trends from 2018 that can of value for business out there.