Instagram Tips For Creatives: Optimizing Your Instagram Portfolio

You need to Optimize your Instagram Portfolio since IG is a social network that engages with your photographs, texts, hashtags and multiple possibilities offered by your stories. However, to achieve great results, it will not be enough to guide you through intuition in terms of content creation only. We need much more, such as Instagram Portfolio. I am going to tell you how to improve Instagram and its results according to your goals in a fast and Creative way.

I will not tell you about theories or long-term strategic plans. Let’s see how YOU can optimize your Instagram Portfolio in just a few days.

How To Improve Instagram For Your Company?

Although the ideal would be to perform an in-depth audit of your account and establish a solid long-term content strategy, on this occasion, I would like to propose a really practical and simple plan so that you can start it up in just a few minutes. Optimizing Instagram Portfolio for your company can be something that you never have to spend too much time on.

The idea is to define your goals, audit your account automatically through a free tool and finally define the content strategy that you will follow next week focused on the results that your business needs.

Define Your Short-Term Goals

Depending on the objectives of your business, you will have to establish your goals on Instagram taking into account the functionalities and metrics offered by this social network. Thus, if your goal is to boost your brand you will have to focus on expanding the number of impressions, visits to the profile, reach and followers.

If you are looking for web traffic, you will need more clicks on the website and in the links of your stories, and If you are looking to increase your engagement, you will focus on the likes, comments, and direct messages.

Define Your Strategy To Optimize Instagram Portfolio

To optimize Instagram Portfolio and focus your account to the objectives you have established, I recommend you follow these steps:

Review Your Profile And Optimize It Taking Into Account These Elements:

  • Profile image with visible and clear brand logo according to corporate identity
  • Make sure you have activated your company profile to see analytics.
  • An attractive description where you can use emojis, symbols, and other visual elements
  • Link to your website where you can use the link to optimize your web traffic
  • Phone, email, and address updated if you can
  • Beautiful covers for your stories highlighted with the main elements, which you want to highlight from your business, for example, presentation, product lines, downloadable, service description, etc.!
  • Review your publications and archive those that are temporary and no longer contribute to your content strategy.
  • Analyze the past publications and check which ones that have worked best according to your current objectives if your goal is to get (like) check which are the ones that have activated this type of interaction the most.
  • Design the contents for next week, taking into account those that have worked best for you before and proposing new creative formats focused on your goals to test if they work. For example, if your goal is to get web traffic, it will boost the stories and the links in them.
  • Program your contents for the week. You can do it, for example, with the free version of Hootsuite. But remember that the stories you have to upload manually.

Lastly, with these Instagram Portfolio ideas, you already know how to optimize Instagram and get good results in the coming days. Do not forget, after this week, analyze all your content again, replicate those that have worked to achieve your goals, and propose new creative proposals to optimize Instagram and reach even better results.