Is Instagram still the Best Place to Market your Product in 2020

Instagram is still the Best platform to Market your Product in 2020. Yes, you heard me. For most brands, Instagram is not just about being seen and taking action, but also connecting directly to various consumers and potential buyers. With such a large user base, Instagram has finally provided the tools needed to promote, products, and services to users around the world on its platform.

Where are we going in 2020?

There are currently many stories around the drama between Instagram influencers and the companies that use them. Sometimes brands withdraw their contracts from these influential people for some reasons, for example, because there is no positive ROI, commitment and opinions are presented as promised, or simply because of dull activities and lack of disclosure to their audience.

If we look at the months and years ahead of Instagram and the spectacular growth of one billion active users per month, the influencers’ game is what one must be on the lookout for in 2020 especially with the updates made on Instagram.

By introducing AR filters for Instagram articles, Instagram influencers and brands can create their custom filters. Custom filters can only be viewed and unlocked by followers of this particular Instagram influencer. In this way, Instagram users and influencers can connect to the brand with a new and different level. Besides, some brands generated interest and stories about their influencers.

How Instagram Will Help Your Brand In 2020?

If you want to present your brand to the public on Instagram looking authentic, you have no choice. You have to go through the influencers. What campaigns to conduct with Instagram influencers depends on your industry, your goals, influencers, content, products, etc. Below is an overview of the most popular influence campaigns.

Product-Based Content

An influencer favors content to promote your product – product placement, comments, tutorials or test benches. With product placement, the influencer uses the product and highlights its benefits. This method can also include a tutorial. It will be one of the trends in 2020 and you want to take note of it right now.

Another method for brands in 2020 is to give a product to an influencer before it is launched. The influencer tests the product and posts a comment.
Sponsored Content

Sponsored content refers to paid campaigns, promotions and content that matches the style of the platform – blog posts, social media posts, newspaper articles, etc. The influencer can wear branded clothing and post a photo, or add a mention of the brand in his story.

A common method on Instagram is to promote a hashtag. Generally articulated around several influencers, the campaign can be amplified on the social network.

Gifts, contests and promotional codes are a good way to boost reach and generate commitment. The buzz is spreading and the desire to buy the product is growing.

How Much Does An Instagram Influencer Cost?

I am sorry. There is no easy answer. Influencer marketing is relatively recent and standards are fluctuating. IG Influencer marketing is indeed different from the popular traditional stuff, which a lot of marketers find difficult to integrate into their strategy!

There is no established fee schedule. I’ve looked at different sources and the average for Instagram is $ 1000 for every 100,000 subscribers.

What Do Instagram Influencers Count In Their Billing?

Let’s go back to the real world. To bill a brand, the influencer considers several things:

Does the brand fit with its image and subscribers?
Number of subscribers
The usual engagement rate of his posts
The number of posts the brand wants to publish
The type of posts to publish – video, photo, short or long formats
The amount of work this represents – depending on the elements and instructions provided by the brand
Will the post appears only on his account, or will it be reused in the campaign?

Before Signing Anything, Ask Yourself The Following Questions
What will be the potential reach?
What will be the potential ROI?
Does the audience match your brand and your product?
Is the operation profitable?

Talk to the influencers. Ask them what results they got with other brands.

You should set your goals before choosing your influencers and launching your campaign. Without that, you will not be able to measure your success or your failure. Examples of objectives:

The ideal influencer

Do you make ready-to-wear? Take an influencer in the field of fashion. While this may seem obvious to some of you, some brands choose their influencers based on their subscriber count. This is a wrong vision; brands must seek to build long-term relationships with the influencer and its subscribers. An influencer who can measure and analyze results effectively

These are the goals that will help you define how to measure the Returns of Investment of your influencer campaigns on Instagram. Do you want to increase your visibility? Increase your turnover? Boost commitment?

There are therefore several possible answers:
Visibility – you’ll win if more prospects are interested in your product – measured by reach and number of impressions
Commitment – it will be necessary to measure the number of likes, site visits, sales, comments, shares, views, retweets, etc.
Conversions – this indicator refers to the number of people who have taken CTA. It can be the number of sales, subscribers, newsletter subscriptions or downloads.

How to choose the best influencer for your brand 2020?

The type of influencer you choose will depend on what you expect from the campaign in 2020.

Influencer reach

Do not bet everything on the reach. Find an influencer who is evolving in your niche. Its mission will be to create relevant and engaging content and then share it on its community with authenticity and transparency.

Analyzing the most powerful influencers with Talkwalker Analytics

Fashion bloggers target different audiences. These may not match the demographic profile of your audience. Example: You are primarily targeting an audience of hipsters. However, your future influencer is aimed at addicts to cast.

I am not stating here that hipsters do not go to gyms, but it’s not the same audience. Entire sections of your audience will fall by the wayside. Make sure your audience matches the community of your influencer in 2020.

Align your values

Always read the influencer’s previous posts before working with him. Social networks promote freedom of expression; however, what some consider as a simple comment may offend others. The influencer will represent your brand; make sure you share the same values. Otherwise, you risk tarnishing your reputation.

Be authentic. It’s capital. Nearly 60% of consumers who are comfortable with digital do not interact with a sponsored post if they think it is not genuine.

FTC Guidelines: Staying Honest

The rise of social networks has led to the appearance of behavioral rules. In the United States, the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have been updated to protect US consumers. This commission requires influencers to indicate that they have been paid by brands to promote their products. I will not quote the entire document because it’s extremely long, however, you can search for this FTC Guidelines on google to see its details.

Finally, try to identify what you expect from your influencer marketing campaign in 2020. Sell more? Increase your notoriety? Boost your traffic? The influencer must be part of your team. Tie a real relationship and work together. Influencers are human beings, and human beings make mistakes. It is therefore essential to plan a crisis communication plan as well.