How to Increase Your Instagram Followers by 7X in 30 Days

It is often said that “nothing is impossible” that is true only if you could find the right way of doing it. Hence it is because of this that we have optimists and pessimists in our midst. The same goes for those who would tell you that you could increase your Instagram following by seven fold or 7x in 30 days whilst some others might disagree with that notion.

Many have found that magic formula to do just that and have been reaping the benefits accruing from their challenging endeavor whilst others have been ruing about their inability to do so. What is the magic formula to increase your Instagram following substantially practically overnight? It would be quite interesting to be apprised about it especially from those who have tried and tasted success.

You could try it too and enjoy the same with the tried and tested method and taste the success that is waiting for you. This could be achieved with the aid of Instagram influencers and becoming one is no big deal either if you get the basics right. Some may say and think that becoming an Instagram influencer is a very arduous task, but it is not so if you follow the time tested FOUR POINT strategies which would propel you and your Instagram platform to dizzying heights.

If you would diligently follow the following points there would be no gain in saying that you would surely meet your objectives of being able to magnify your Instagram following seven fold or 7x in just 30 days as we promised.

#1. Content

Similar to most social media platforms it is content that is supreme and if you could get the right materials onto your platform, be it Instagram or any other you could be a winner. To post the perfect content would take quite an endeavor from all and sundry with an immense workload behind it. Only then could success be reaped if not your Instagram would be just another on the sea of Instagram platforms on the internet.

You may need to study what your target audience would like to follow and what type of content that they would be comfortable in. Once you have this information it would make life easier for you and all others aiding you in that particular endeavor.

#2. Hashtags

You may have great eye catching content on your Instagram platform but there would still be something that is lacking which you would like to improve on. That would be your effective use of Hashtags, which would be just what you would need to push you towards success on the Instagram platform.

For those who would like a clarification on what a “hashtag”’ is, it is a keyword with a very familiar identity before it which would assist and help users to easily and conveniently find specific types of content to find your brand in a myriad haystack. To get the best from the Hashtags you would need to select the right combination and ensure they all score when you really want it to do well.     

#3. Bots

To increase and build followers on the Instagram platform it would be imperative to follow, comment and like the posts of your potential customers and they would reciprocate by adding more followers for you. By doing so you would be employing a sort of domino effect which would help improve your Intagram following by manifold.

You could be omnipresent on the Instagram platform if you increase your following and sustain it as long as you possibly can. Doing so every second when your customers are posting their content, videos and images would be quite an effort but that could be easily overcome if you are to employ the services of an Instagram Bot. The Bot would do it silently and quite effectively to bring you the success that you envisaged.

#4. Key Opinion Leaders

Find out who the best influencers are out there and offer them something to get onto their platforms because if they have a substantial following on the Instagram platform you could take advantage from it. If an influencer is in a similar line of action to yours has a good following then make use of it effectively.

Intagram influencers play a very competitive role in this whole endeavor and what they would and could do for you are immense. Once you have succeeded in building with one influencer you would be emboldened and would go to the optimum to achieve the maximum possible followers. It is here that you would be watched by other influencers who would not fight you but join you to increase their following and in the process improve on yours too.