How to Increase Brand Awareness through Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social networks of the moment. Last year I decided to take Instagram a little more seriously. After several failures, I learned to build a brand new zero to nearly 74,000 subscribers on Instagram in the space of a year and a half.

Today I share with you all the lessons learned from this experience, all these tips tested and approved that will help you promote your brand.

Set Your Goals

Before you publish your Instagram first photo, ask yourself the reason you truly want your own brand to be on Instagram. The good news is that goals change over time. But to begin, you need at least one precise.

Find Your Main Topic

Once you have established your goals, you need to define your topic or your main theme.

I often see accounts of individuals or companies without a theme. They are content to post quotes. This is the recipe for a disaster because they can’t stand out.

Find a theme that matches YOUR personality. At first, I only posted pictures of the outfits I wore every day. Now I’m starting to post pictures of dishes too.

Stick to a theme that fits your brand. Do not try to be all at once from the start. Your subscribers need to know who you are and what you do.

Coffeenclothes is the perfect example: he posts only pictures of what? Clothes and coffee! This is an excellent theme that fits perfectly with the trend of photos that people post on Instagram. When I discovered it, I wondered why I had not thought about it earlier!

If you do not have a specific idea for a theme, just go on Instagram to find inspiration. There are many accounts from which to draw inspiration. If maybe you travel a lot as a yogi, well, be the traveler yogi.

Create A Gallery Style

What is a gallery style? It’s your signature on Instagram. This is a style you will follow on your account.

Some Instagrammers have a total white style, others have a darker theme. Some decide to insert a quote every two posts. It’s a good way to stand out and mix things up.

Some Call It A Theme, I Call It Gallery-Style.

Foundr is a good example. I really like their choice to put a white background between each post. It makes really good on the profile.

Post Quality Content Regularly

Posting regularly to any social network is a must. It’s the same for Instagram. If you want to stand out, you have to post regularly.

When I Started, I Posted Every Day.

For your convenience, you can set a release schedule and plan well in advance. I advise you to post once a day and have at least two weeks of content already ready before launching your account.

If you want to share more recent content, simply change your post already scheduled at a later date. That’s what I do and it works extremely well!

A planning tool such as Agorapulse will help you schedule your posts in advance.

I advise you to use the function “plan”, very easy to use and that allows you to schedule posts from your computer or mobile. In any case, you will need a mobile application.

Let’s See How To Plan From Your Device.

Choose your Instagram account and click on “Publish”.
Then you just write your content, add the photo you want to share and schedule your post.
When you publish your content, you receive a notification via the Agorapulse application if your Instagram account is a personal account. If you have a business account, you will be able to automatically post a photo via Agorapulse.

Be Active
To promote your Instagram, you need a community. And to get there, you must be active.

You Can:
• Follow other accounts
• Post comments on other accounts
• Like photos from other accounts
• It may sound basic, but it works!

One of my tips to stand out is to like 2 or 3 photos of an account and leave a comment on the 3rd. It’s a surefire way to distinguish myself and push them to subscribe in return. And it’s more effective than the Instagram bots: it’s more personal and you will not be able to see your account suspended!

I also recommend using Agorapulse’s watch tool to find and follow hashtags. This will allow you to participate in conversations on the subject.

Take Advantage Of Hashtags

For maximum impact, you must use hashtags. Do not hesitate to go to the limit of 30 hashtags. And if you were not aware, know that you can even discreetly go up to 60 hashtags.

If you do not know which hashtags to use, the trick is to look at the hashtags used by popular accounts or your competitors.

Hashtags are extremely important because they give you visibility, so subscribers will be able to see your photos during their hashtag searches.

Create A Hashtag For Your Brand

People LOVE to tag pages and use hashtags to be put forward – I’m one of those! It’s a good way to have more visibility and win subscribers. I do it all the time and so I could appear on different accounts. It’s one of my secret little things.

First, indicate on your profile that people can be put forward on your account if they use the hashtag.
Then look for a moderately popular hashtag with less than 50,000 posts and start to like some pictures. It’s a surefire way to make people aware of your account.

This will push your subscribers and those whose photos you liked to use the hashtag and post pictures of them as they will want to appear on your page.

Share Content From Other Accounts

If you do not want to use branded hashtags, you can turn to this method. Look for photos that match the style of your gallery and put them forward on your account. It’s a surefire way to generate more engagement and make new connections at the same time.

To ensure the quality of the photo, ask the person who gave permission to share it on your account and send you an HD photo by email. It’s a great way to make new acquaintances.

Partner With Other Accounts

One of my favorite tips to promote my account and win subscribers is to partner with accounts whose subscriber count and engagement rate are similar to mine. This trick is known as a shoutout for shoutout.

The only thing to do is to share a picture in the caption to write something like “For more fashion ideas, subscribe to my friend. [email protected] And guess what? It works! I would have liked to do that much earlier.


Patience and dedication! These are the two qualities needed to succeed on Instagram or Instagram for brand awareness. Earlier I talked about using hashtags/brand accounts: if you’re looking for more visibility, you can find hashtags or brand accounts in your field that you want to highlight.