Get Rid of Instagram Ghost Followers Once and For All

Ghost followers are Instagram users, and accounts that are following you, but they do not engage you in any way. The reason behind ghost followers is either that these accounts were fake in the first place, or, that the users of these accounts have stopped using them.

Either way, if you are trying to up your social media game and you want to increase the number of likes or hearts you are getting, then you should take certain steps to wipe your account clean of all Instagram ghost followers. It can be very frustrating when your efforts do not carry results on social media. Cleaning your account of all ghost followers will certainly help you remedy that issue to some extent.

What are Ghost Followers?

Simply put, these are inactive users. To be more elaborate, ghost followers are inactive followers that never engage you or interact with your media and pictures in any way. Though the name: ghost followers is somewhat misleading, they are still a problem for frequent Instagram users.

Also, there are Instagram farms in Asia that people pay to get likes, and when the contract is over, their army of users become unused ghost followers.

Should You Get Rid of Ghost Followers?

To many everyday Instagram users, ghost followers are not a bother. Though they are not engaging with your uploads, Instagram still counts them as your followers. If you only want a high follower count, then you are better off with the ghost followers, but if you need to use your Instagram account for other purposes, then you should consider wiping them off.

In fact, many celebrities and many brands actually buy Instagram followers to make them appear more popular and more revered. Most of the time, these are spam accounts which hare produced by softwares or bots.

They can usually be detected very easily because these accounts themselves are not particularly active. At one hand, there are services which can help you get more followers by this method and on there are other services which excel at detecting and removing these accounts from your follower list.

Why Should You be Worried About Ghost Followers?

Do you think your profile and your likes are being harmed by inactive followers Instagram? Then you should consider finding a remedy to this. Marketers and serious Instagrammers are careful about the users that are following them.

The reason is that in this day and age, a large number of followers in not enough to become a successful marketer. Instagram influencers act as advertisers, they need to attract brands towards their account.

These users get paid to sponsor various products on their account and to prove that their account is perfect for marketing, they need to be able to drive engagement via the content they upload. Metrics are the proof that the user holds sufficient influence to become a good marketer.

In this regard, post engagement rate is an important statistic. Celebrities also need to generate reasonable engagement with their posts. Clients do not just pay for a large number of followers but they also pay for a response to the advertisement or a confirmation that the public is actively receiving and responding to the advertisement.

Can ghost followers be harmful?

They can be harmful is post engagement rate is a serious concern for you. Post engagement is basically the ratio or percentage of your followers that actually react to the post. If they react to it, then it is obvious that the post has grabbed their attention which is exactly what clients need from good marketers. These professionals should be aware of ghost followers and they should control their numbers as much as they can.

It has been researched and determined by Instagram that 70 percent of the content that appears in a user’s feed goes unobserved. The user simply pays attention to and interacts with thirty percent of the feed.

Originally, content is displayed in reverse chronological order, but Instagram is also incorporating your own interest into that process too. In that case, if a post has high engagement rate, i.e. it is assumed to be more engaging by Instagram and even more users see it higher up on their timelines.

With all these reasons considered, ghost followers are a nuisance to any Instagram user. They should be eliminated thus. Because if your engagement rate remains low, Instagram prioritizes other people’s posts over yours and this way, the rate and the number of hearts drops further. To stop this negative feedback loop, you must take steps to remove all inactive followers.

How to Get Rid of Ghost Followers?

Actually, it is a very simple method to do so on your own. If you do not have followers in the thousands, then there is no need to contact an Instagram cleaning service. You can actually learn to do so yourself.

Simply check to see if your followers have complete personal data, when were they last online, and whether they are posting on Instagram themselves. This normally gives you a pretty succinct idea whether a certain follower is an asset or a liability.

If you are a marketer and if you are trying to boost your revenues, then your cleaning goes beyond the scope of manual labor. There are many apps and programs. You simply sign up with your Instagram account and let the app analyze your followers. It is usually a very cheap and extremely effective method.