How to Get More Followers on Instagram: From 0 to 5K Followers

Instagram is fast becoming a very popular social media tool in the digital marketing platform. It may be an agonizing task to get the first few Instagram followers to notice you and come onto your platform. Things will get better when your presence is more evident and then you could be hitting 5,000 Instagram followers in under six months.

The more Instagram followers that you rope in would help your business to be seen by that many. They say it is always the more the merrier. If you could reach the estimated 800 million Instagram followers on the platform monthly with the 500 million daily users it would do your business a world of good.

You could be having this vast quantum of Instagram followers in a highly potential customer base at your fingertips, to unleash your digital marketing strategies to your heart’s content.

If you want to know about how you could get about this very exciting prospect of a readymade customer base to bring your brand and let you prospective customers know, just follow the following tips.

You just need to follow some of it and concentrate on what you pick, Avoid putting all what you come across onto your pages because it would be prudent to tread slowly till you build up your Instagram followers gradually. Over doing it could cost you dearly hence keep up the tempo in the relevant arena till you know what you are doing and till your master it.

The opportunities are very wide on the Instagram platform and it is soon becoming very much used and liked by millions. It could even overtake its parent platform Facebook hence taking it a bit cool would be advisable.

Try the following till you get a firm foothold, after which when you have the quantum of Instagram followers with you it would be a matter of increasing the customer base by trying out the many new strategies that would be available to you.

The digital marketing platform is becoming very active and competitive hence keeping yourself abreast with the trends would be the way to go.

#1. Mark your presence in the Instagram Engagement Groups

There are hundreds of Instagram Engagement Groups, pick those who are closest to your type of business and join them. They have thousands of Instagram followers just go with that flow.

#2. Pick up and repost the content of others

Repost the content that is on other’s pages, before that get permission this would give you more Instagram followers faster. You just need to piggy back on them.

#3. Get Buzzfeed to promote your Instagram Account

You just need the follow the guidelines set by Buzzfeed and they have thousands of Instagram followers which you could use for your business. There are some rules, just stick to them and you could be a winner too.

#4. Induce customers to share their photos and posts

Those who come onboard are potential Instagram followers who would be interested in your business. Get them to share their photos on your pages and this would give them the impetus to keep the engagement alive.

#5. Maintain a consistent and acceptable style always

Keep your Instagram followers who come onboard always interested in you. They should be in anticipation at all times waiting eagerly for what you would post next. Keep that tempo and they will stick with you.

#6. Leave #Hastag rules aside

There are a maximum quantity of #hashtags that you could use hence do what you think is best, It ios not imperative that you listen to the so called experts. You want your Instagram followers to increase give them what you think is best.

#7. Place your Instagram posts on blogs

Follow Oberlo on Instagram and post your Instagram posts on any of the blogs you have. This would widen your reach and also ensure you have a two pronged marketing strategy of reaching more Instagram followers.

#8. Pick potentials, active on your competitor’s pages

To increase your Instagram follower base carefully screen and pick up those who are active on your competitor’s pages. They are there because they are interested in a brand get them onto yours too by interacting with them.

#9. Work with those who could influence

There are many out there who could influence your brand and may be doing for others too, especially your competitors. Check them out because they could enhance your Instagram followers list without much efforts from you.

#10. Create contests and provide giveaways

Keep the interest in your page always active and at peak. Run contests and throw away some incentives, a little there and a little here would keep your Instagram followers wanting for more hence always waiting to engage with you.

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