How to Get 10k Real Instagram Followers Fast

Everyone wants to go fast! If you’re looking for real Instagram followers and search Google, you’ll find that many companies are ready to help you gain more followers. Either you do it yourself or you use the service of an influencer. Read on to find out how to reach up to 10k IG Followers Fast.

#1. Join The Instagram Interaction Groups

Many Instagram influencers who are just starting to see their Instagram follower list grow quickly. What did they (influencers) do to achieve it? They joined interaction groups. While it’s tempting to join all Instagram interaction groups, the truth is that you’ll get a more specific list of followers if you stay in place. You can find interaction groups that focus on beauty, travel, fashion, and more.

In these groups, you can get followers and lots of likes from people who have common interests. But if you truly want to attract attention, you must also return the favor by following the pages of the people joining the group.

While this can not generate immediate sales, it does help you gain credibility right from the start, so your Instagram page does not show you have only 38 followers. This is more of a short-term strategy for your first weeks on Instagram than a long-term strategy to attract followers on this social network.

#2. Publish The Contents Of Others

When I started, I took screenshots and added the pictures to my Instagram account. What helped my site become more popular was the purchase of the Repost app, which allowed me to post other video content on Instagram. One of the best posts I had was when I re-released a video that received 60,862 views, 1,500 comments, and 10,200 likes. At that time, I did not even have 10,000 followers, so it was a great moment.

Why did I publish other content? Because I knew it would be easier to publish content that already exists on Instagram, and that my visual and video content would never be as good as any other. Hey, at least I’m honest!

How did you know what to publish? I paid close attention to the numbers. I was quite active on Instagram, so I made a list of hashtags that I checked daily to find the best performing posts that were published by people. Then I looked at the videos and pictures to see which had more reactions and interactions. When I felt the need to share someone else’s contribution, I knew I had to post it on my page.

#3. Get Buzzfeed To Promote Your Instagram Account

To grow your Instagram followers, you need to find a way to reach a mass audience. And no one incorporates his Instagram posts into his content as much as Buzzfeed.

An employee of Buzzfeed wrote on Instagram an article about the growth of his brand as an influential person. Currently, she has nearly 6,000 followers, but the article she wrote on the platform could have helped her to increase her audience. Buzzfeed has a community section where everyone can publish their content on the platform, although certain guidelines must be followed to build trust and visibility.

Do you think that Buzzfeed is not suitable for your niche? You can also use a tool called HARO, which sends you emails three times a day with inquiries from reporters looking for content and quotes from experts for their stories. Most allow a link to a website and social networks. So you can kill two birds with one stone and get a link to your online store and another to your Instagram account.

#4. Have A Steady Style That Hooks Users

For example, say you have an Instagram page with Corgi dogs and you need to post photos and videos of sweet Corgis daily. When Instagram users see your post-feed, they’ll find you’re always posting the content of the cutest Corgi dogs. Then they follow you with the expectation that your Instagram account has more and more of the same kind of content.

A coherent style theme is indeed more than mere maneuver of brand positioning. It’s about establishing an expectation for your IG, which your followers or potential followers can rely on. The followers want to see or receive more of the same kind of content every time. If you can offer this consistency in every post, you’ll increase your followers faster in less time.

#5. Ignore The Rules Of Hashtags

Many experts recommend using only 5 or 11 hashtags or other arbitrary numbers. But when I built up the Instagram account of my store, I ignored this advice and was crazy about it.

What I did was copy and paste a list of hashtags from my phone to Instagram. Sometimes I changed them to try different hashtags, but again, I knew which ones work best. Normally, I approach the maximum number of hashtags Instagram allows, which is 30. That’s the magic number.

It’s better to add all these hashtags in the first comment. And if the interactions in your post increase, no one will see the first comment.

#6. Follow People Who Are Already Following Your Competition

For your Instagram followers to grow, you need to find people who follow other brands. Who are your main competitors on Instagram? Find her and write her down. Then examine the posts to see who comments on the posts. Follow them and start interacting with them.

Keep in mind that choosing your competitors on Instagram is better when choosing smaller brands. Why? Because if you sell brushes as well as try to get people to comment on Cundy’s report, it’s very likely that the audience is not enough, even though it’s in a similar niche. Larger brands tend to have more customer loyalty.

However, if you have a competitor who has 100,000 followers on your IG site, your followers may not have that much loyalty to that brand. As you continue to interact and follow other people, you will begin to increase your audience.

#7. Working With Influencers

Another way to grow your Instagram followers quickly is to get influencers to take control of your account. If an influencer has loyal followers, you can welcome him from a post, resulting in new followers for your account and possibly some sales.

Make sure you enter into a contract that prohibits the influencer from sending fake traffic. One time we worked with one who sent us greetings and I got 2,000 false followers on my IG account. It was obvious that the influencer was using a bot. If you have a bunch of fake followers in your Instagram account, there’s a risk Instagram will block you.

If maybe you’re searching for a more successful way to attract new Instagram followers, you want to ask your influencer to create an Instagram story from your account. In this way, people have to follow to see the story. You only need it to notify your audience a few days earlier.

These are the steps to get 10k followers on your Instagram account fast; the strategies here will work pretty well for you only if you’re ready to apply them.