How to Get 100 Real, Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day

Over the years, I have seen many blog posts that promise crazy results if you just follow their plan. Mostly these blog posts are just fluff and do not provide a “practical” step to getting more followers on a site like Instagram. But how do you get followers on Instagram without spending money on ads or buying followers?

If you follow the steps in this post, you can get 100 new IG followers in just 24 hours out there, even if you never got an Instagram account yet.

It sounds too good to be true. Read on to find out what’s needed


  • Optimize your profile
  • Find at least 30 strategic hashtags
  • Decide how much content you want to publish.
  • Find your target users
  • Get involved in your community

Number #1. Optimize Your Profile For Maximum Engagement

Create a flashy profile picture of yourself or your company logo and create a biography that reflects your personality and the value of your product. In addition to entering the URL of your website, use a link to your subscription page/product page. (This is the only place where you can create a clickable link.)

After creating a profile (if you don’t already have one), post at least 12 images before promoting your profile and receiving followers. These pictures or photos must be of the highest quality. The photo of your profile should be representative of what you are, if possible in professional quality or unusually original. Make sure your description in the profile leads straight to the point and it makes people happy to continue in their relationship with you.

Number #2. Find At Least 30 Strategic Hashtags

With Instagram, you can make as much 30 hashtags per each post. You want to be strategic in selecting the very right one. You can be looking for great hashtags with 50,000 to 300,000 images per hashtag. After you have received 10-15,000 followers, you can use the most popular ones. In the initial phase, however, it is not recommended to use hashtags with more than 300,000 images.

Your image would only be lost at the source and get a commitment of zero. The goal is to appear in the top 9 publications under each hashtag. Post these 30 hashtags as comments in your post. It gives you even more commitment!

Number #3. Determine How Much Content You Want To Publish

As you’ve probably heard, Facebook recently bought Instagram. This means most of your followers will not see your updates due to the algorithms. What is the solution? Publish at least 2-3 times a day (you can even post more). Of course, every publication is another opportunity to show your stuff to your potential customers.

Furthermore, try to post at similar times out there. Morning posts are often popular, as well as early in the evening. Since the active life of a publication is relatively short, it is important to publish it at those times when a commitment is most likely to be generated. Do some tests and you will notice the difference between the 8 o’clock releases as compared to the 10 o’clock publication for your audience!

If perhaps you’re not very active, why would anyone care to follow your IG profile? Good quotes are also one of the most important things you can post on Instagram and they are very easy to create. With tools like Canva, PicMonkey or Tablo is like walking in the park. If you never know how to do it, simply enter in Youtube how to create a quote with Canva.

Number #4. Find Your Target Users

Find at least 10 people, brands or companies that are your main competitors. For example, if you are a food blogger, you will find ten successful accounts (people who like and comment on photos) about food, pizza, desserts, etc. Use this spreadsheet and enter those ten pages, the URL of the profile, the Number of followers (Use only accounts with more than 50,000) and how many “likes” they receive per post.

Now the fun part begins!

Click on the number of followers and follow the followers. Remember that these are your ideal potential clients. If you follow them, it is very likely that they will return. In my experience, 30-40% of them will follow you. There is a limit: you can track 60 accounts in one hour, no more than 50 per hour.

You can track tens of thousands at the same time before Instagram is notified and your access blocked. Assuming a 20 or 30-hour rhythm does not leave you vulnerable to the wrath of the IG platform, and you can maximize your chances of quickly expanding your audience.

Very often you will find that people follow you in return. This will give you more comments and interactions about future publications of people who care about the same interests as you.

Once you have the comments and interactions desired from the people who follow you, be sure to interact with them.

Number #5. Get Involved With Your Community

Don’t use Instagram as a transmission platform. The commitment on Instagram is much higher than in other social networking platforms. People expect more than updates from you. It makes a difference if you are an editor, member, and leader of a community. It is not just an editor that would be a big mistake!

  • If someone comments on a photo, respond (name @ in the comment).
  • Like the pictures of other people with hashtags that interest you.
  • If someone sends you a direct message, take your time and respond.

Get A Basic Analysis Of Your Account.

Log in to your Instagram account. Click on Options and scroll down until you see “Switch to the business profile.” Click on it and follow the steps. Then you will receive a basic analysis of your account.

All these steps are carried out in just 24 hours. You never have to hire someone to do it for you just because the steps are easy. All you have to do if you lose something is to go back and read the steps again and again.


The Instagram site can be tremendously effective. Simply carry out the above 5 steps to ensure your marketing is indeed worth the very effort as well as the time you spend. In fact, several programs or applications come on the market every month to attract more fans for a certain amount of money. However, the above tips can be completed without spending a dime.