How to Generate B2B Leads with Instagram Stories

With a high number of users and publications, Instagram has an attraction for one of the initial strategies of Digital Marketing and also can generate B2B Leads. Instagram was launched in October 2010 with a very simple objective: take photos, allow users to apply filters to leave them with the desired effect and publish them so that their followers can enjoy and comment.

But what the two creators of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, and Mike Krieger did not expect, was the proportion that the application was going to take later and even to generate B2B Leads. In its first year, Instagram reached the mark of 7 million users. By October 2017, it has already reached 800 million users worldwide.

If that volume was not enough, in 2015 Instagram Ads was launched, which allows the creation of ads within the platform itself and began to draw attention to the Instagram application, as a tool for brand positioning, relationship with followers, promotions and other strategies.

B2B Lead Generation – This Is The Definition

The term B2B Leads generation refers to the acquisition of prospects for a product or service. Generating a lead is therefore equally important with winning an interested party. By lead is meant specifically a record that the user leaves behind because he is interested in information about an offer. Therefore, both a (legally sound) consent to contact, as well as the additional indication of what the user is interested in, a prerequisite for being able to speak of a lead.

A contact, for example, from a raffle is not a lead, as the participant only gives consent to contact, but not to receive an offer. The situation is different when the participant places the known additional cross so that he or she agrees to receive further (product-related) information.

How Do You Generate B2B Leads?

There are different ways to generate B2B leads. Ideally, one stimulates leads to good content marketing. This means that you first make contact with potential customers about content that offers concrete added value for this particular target group. Not only does this ensure that people are willing to disclose their contact information, it also directly provides expertise in a particular field that this potential customer obviously needs.

Lead generation, for example, can also be generated by registering for a newsletter or participating in a raffle. The goal is always to stimulate demand.

And The Use Of Instagram To Generate B2B Leads

With the high number of users and publications, Instagram has also become attractive for one of the initial strategies of Digital Marketing: generation of Leads. It is important to note that this method is still new for Instagram users, so do not forget to take advantage of that moment to define the brand of your business and the offer to be disclosed. This step is very important for you to check if your target audience is an active user of the application.

To facilitate the use of the strategies of leads generation with Instagram, we separated 6 steps that you can easily follow to generate B2B Leads

You want to learn how to generate B2B Leads and extract more results for your business, read on still.

1. Link Your Site In The Profile Biography

The first step is to define a biography that describes your business well, your purpose and that is interesting for your followers. This is number 1 stuff that helps generate B2B Leads on Instagram out there. Here it is also essential that you place a link to your site, blog, Landing Page, at that moment we started the generation of Leads.

2. Use CTA In Published Images

Instagram is mostly made up of images, so you must use Call-to-Action a lot to attract the user’s attention and take it to a conversion page.

3. URL In Videos

Speaking of videos, these have become increasingly popular in this social lovely social media. Take this moment to awaken the user’s curiosity and redirect it to an external link, such as a Landing Page with related offers. Our main stage waiting for new conferences, do you want to see more of the #RDSummit? Take the 360 ° journey that we leave on our Facebook page!

4. Instagram Ads

If your marketing budget allows it, the Instagram ads are a great option to complement your strategy of the B2B Leads generation with the social network. Ads can be made for both B2B and B2C businesses in three formats: photo carousel, retargeting for Facebook campaigns and the sponsored standard.

5. Partner With Influencers

Instagram has several users with hundreds of thousands of followers. This means that the scope of these profiles is much greater, representing an optimal brand disclosure strategy. Some of them charge for the disclosure of images in their profiles or in their Stories. You can look for some associations with influencers in your region and with the same target audience as yours, to initiate this type of communication.

6. Use Hashtags To Generate B2B Leads

And again, it is worth reinforcing the use of hashtags. Instagram hashtags are used for users to search and find profiles and photos related to the same topic. If you are going to do an event or a specific promotion, you can create your own creative hashtag, encouraging your followers to also use them in their publications.

Can you imagine 5000 people gathered to learn about Digital Marketing and Sales? That’s just the ability of our main stage in B2B Leads generation style. With these steps, you can start generating B2B Leads with Instagram. As your results are achieved, you can search for new strategies and new experiments with other applications that also stand out in social media.

Lastly, Instagram posts or Stories are a tool that B2B marketing specialists should use to reach their target audience. By telling your story, you create brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention. Although Instagram stories can be an unconventional WAY for B2B leads generation, you can be sure that this strategy is one of the best B2B leads generation out there.