The Essential Guide To Organic Growth On Instagram

You may be doing everything right to ensure organic instagram growth but there could be something wrong which you would not be able to identify. This could cause a drop in engagement and follower numbers which is what you have been trying to improve on. This could quite annoying and frustrating to digest and finding the reason and rectifying it would be your immediate prerogative.

Whilst it could be frustrating, what many in your shoes would do is to seek solace in third party apps which would give solemn promises of increasing Instagram growth automatically. It could be an avenue to release your frustration from the present predicament you are in because you just want your Instagram engagement to get back to normal.

Then again you may have to pause, and think prudently whether it is the best way forward and what the ultimate results of such a course would be for your business. Is it too good to be true and what would you gain at the end. Employing third party apps which are popularly known and referred to as Instagram bots could get you on the wrong books of Instagram which could either limit your page, by restricting visibility or even going to the extent of completely disabling it.

Instagram does not encourage nor do they approve of instagram automation and would generally come hard on those who post fake likes and engage in inanimate contact. On the contrary Instagram would encourage organic likes and engagement on their platform. There have been many instances where Instagram bots have made inappropriate comments on posts which have not only offended those who watch those posts but Instagram as well.

If that is the issue how could you initiate and sustain organic instagram growth successfully if you are constrained and restricted from employing Instagram automation or bots. You may think that it is impossible and you could get more frustrated just thinking of this issue which would be beyond your comprehension.

Hold your horses we will give you nine simple tips where you could initiate organic instagram growth and successfully too without dependence on bots or other unscrupulous acts.

#1. Pick your market niche and research it thoroughly

Look at the product or service that you have to offer, and then find out where your niche market is and where your potential customers are. Then target them. It would be futile trying to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.

#2. Plan well ahead

Once you have identified where your target audience is and have an idea as to what you would like to do. Don’t jump the gun, but plan out your strategy carefully and ensure that you spread your content to keep the tempo at optimum at all times.  

#3. Pick pages that are similar to yours

Pick the pages similar to yours and commenting on a post or posting a like would be appropriate, Doing it manually would result in good exposure to your brand as well. If it is organically done instead of Instagram bots it would bring positive results for you.

#4. Select and use relevant hashtags

Use carefully selected and relevant hashtags, though you are entitled to use 30 by Instagram be cautious as to how you would use them. Keep it at a minimum but use them with a lot of relevance.

#5. Promote your Instagram page on other platforms

If your brand is on other social media platforms then ensure you interconnect them. This would ensure additional and effective exposure. If you are on one platform it would provide an impetus to the other too.

#6. Use geolocation and tagging as much as possible

Employing geolocation tags would help you to grow your Instagram page organically, and that would be so if you are posting from a well-known Instagrammable location. Get permission from the other brand and let them also to tag you on their posts.

#7. Update and provide effective and fresh content

If your content is the same old thing many would not be interested in you once they feel you have nothing new to offer. Hence keep the content that you post as fresh as possible and make them interesting to tickle some initiative into your prospective customers.

#8. Find the best influencers and collabs and piggy back on them

Find the best influencers and collabs as they could help you grow organically on the Instagram platform. If you have a few of them up your sleeve you could sail smoothly through.

#9. Get on the bigger pages and use them

Find the big players in your niche market and then comment on their pages, and like them because there would come a day when they would reciprocate too. This would be a super push for your brand then.