How to Create a New Instagram Account Like a Pro

If your Instagram account is not getting followers or the type of engagement you want, there is something that you are definitely not doing right.

I analyzed over 50 Instagram accounts created by various businesses and I was shocked at what I discovered. Most of these businesses are not doing well on Instagram because their Instagram account looks like what was created by a kid in grade school. With more than 700 million monthly active users waiting to engage with you on Instagram, it is imperative that you make out time to learn what it takes to create an Instagram account like a pro.

A shocking statistic showed that only 36% of marketers are using Instagram for business compared to the 93% of marketers who use Facebook. This is because most marketers and businesses that want to spend the time to learn how marketing on Instagram works. Learning how to use Instagram the right way will benefit you both in the short and long term. This is one of the best platforms to engage with new clients and attract more attention to your business.

If you are looking for an inspiration on how to create an Instagram account that stands out, take a look at some samples below:

When you are ready to create your next Instagram account, the steps below will help you do it like a pro:

1. Make Your Username Look Professional

Username is probably the first thing you will choose when creating your Instagram account. Unfortunately, most people don’t put a lot of attention when choosing their username.

Take it or live it, the username you use matters! Most people give up because the username they have in mind has already been taken. As a brand, you need to use the name of your company as your username. This makes it easier for your clients and potential customers to find you on Instagram through the search functionality.

As an individual, it is important that you choose a name that reflects what you do. Let’s say you are a barber in Toronto, using a username such as “@Toronto_barber” helps you create attention and attract the right customers. Don’t just choose a username; choose a username that resonates with your followers and other Instagram users.

2. Never Ignore Your Profile

Your profile is probably the first thing Instagram users will see. It is your best opportunity to create a right impression, make sure you make a right use of it. Note that Instagram is all about images, you need to pay attention to your profile image.

As a brand, you need a profile picture that can represent your business. It could be your logo or picture of people using your product. Make sure that the photo you use as your profile picture is professional and not offensive in any way. More importantly, it must be a photo that can easily resonate with your customers.

3. Complete Your Profile

Here comes an important part. You will need to click on “Edit Your Profile” button to complete your profile info and let millions of Instagram users know what you do. Make sure you describe your business rightly. Unfortunately, you are limited by character count so you need to briefly summarize what you do and where you are located in just two lines.

Take note that the bio section is the only place you are allowed to add a clickable URL on Instagram. I would recommend you add the URL to your email capture page here. The reason behind this is that you can be able to capture the email address of people that visited your website so you can contact them in future. If you have long URL, you may need to use URL shorteners such as to shorten your URL before adding it to this section.

4. Link Your Facebook Business Page

Don’t forget this important step. You will need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Page so you can be able to use the Instagram for business tools. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page yet, go ahead and create one, you will definitely need it.

5. Start Posting

Hurray! Your account is ready, now is the time to start posting and let the world know how awesome your business is. Before you start following people, make sure you post at least 5 high-quality images; this makes it easier for people to follow you back.

Post high-quality images that will resonate with your followers. Make sure you post regularly; else, your followers will think you’ve abandoned them.

6. Make use of Hashtags Appropriately

You need to learn to make use of hashtags. If you want to be found on Instagram, you need to use relevant hashtags on all your post. Meanwhile, while using the hashtags, stick to those that make sense for the images you are sharing. If you don’t have an idea of which hashtag to use, you can make use of this service called “Top Hashtags“. They will help you to find popular hashtags on Instagram.

Final Thought

You can create an Instagram account like a pro if only you are willing to put in some works. After creating your Instagram account, make sure you have the icon on your website, this makes it easier for customers who come to directly to your website to find you on Instagram.