How can I unfollow everyone I’m following on Instagram?

Instagram has revolutionized the social media platform and is growing in leaps and bounds with the horizon for this versatile platform looking as bright as ever with a great future ahead. Instagram had very humble beginnings in October 2010, when Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger developed it. The subsequent acquisition of it by the social media colossal Facebook in 2012 brought forth a new dimension to this social media platform. Since then it has only grown and boats today of over One Billion users worldwide with about 500 million on the platform on any given 24 hour period.

This tremendous following has brought professional digital marketers, friends spread across the world and everyone else who looks forward to interact with other closer in the true sense of globalization. Brands have proliferated on the platform and new marketing strategies have been developed and implemented and a host of other activities are taking place unabated which has put this superlative social media platform on the world map.

The idea behind the Instagram platform is to build the widest following possible and the more the merrier they would all say. Though this could be an asset at some point of time when those follows on your Instagram do not respond or interact it and are not potentials for either your line of business or thinking then shedding them would be the most appropriate thing to do.

It may not be possible to just shut them all at once with the click of one key on your device it would be more complicated than that. Instagram has its own rules and regulations in every aspect of the platform and do monitor the whole thing as best as they can. They ensure that interaction of the highest order takes place and everything is always within the parameters and guidelines that they have set. Any deviation from their norms could bring you penalties and other restrictions on your Instagram posts.

Instagram would like to see an even and equal playing field for everyone and they are always on their toes to ensure it stays that way without any deviations. Hence the guidelines that they have set would enable the un-following of only 200 followers at a time. Hence if you have built a very large following over the years taking away all the followers would be quite a tedious exercise. This is because after every un-following which would consist of 200 follows a time gap of one hour would need to be allowed before the next set is taken up.

It is imperative that you firmly decide why you would want to un-follow those who would not respond to your posts. You could be in the wrong niche and that could be one reason that there are no responses from your followers. To ensure that you have a very healthy group following your every action on the Instagram platform you would need to select the right place to be or place your brand in the right niche. It would be futile to try and sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo and likewise if you are in the wrong place however much you would shout there would not be any prospective customers for your brand.

Hence before un-following it would be prudent to see in which niche you are and if there would be anyone else to take over your following. If you could find the right sources who would fit into the niche that you are in which is worthless for you but worthwhile for another you could sell your Instagram and make some money.

It has to be carefully addressed because everything however trivial it may be has a market of its own and finding that market is the knack that the versatile professional digital marketers would have in them. Hence if you have painstakingly built a large following and then un-following them would not be a very good option. But still it that is what you would want to do then go ahead and un-follow all but they would need to be done, 200 at a time and at one hour intervals.

Instagram is set to grow to a much bigger world phenomenon on the social media platform and with the crossing of the One Billionth users under its fold there is no looking back for this very versatile platform. If you are contemplating of getting out of this platform it would not be such a great idea and would need your second thoughts about it before you would take the final plunge.

In fact Instagram has brought a new dimension to how the social media is progressing because this has enabled the instantaneous uploading of images and video which could be viewed anywhere in the world in just a matter of seconds.