How You Can Grow Your Instagram Following Using Instagram Stories

Why should you use Instagram stories to grow your Instagram Following? If perhaps you have never published a story, first of all, open your Instagram account and go to the first page, where the photos of the whole world appear.

Under the Instagram logo, on the left, you will find the icon for your account. The little circles you see on the same line are the stories of the accounts you are following. To see them, you have to click on one of them, and Instagram will show you the Instagram Stories of the other accounts one after the other.

How To Create Your First Instagram Story?

The most direct way is to go to the home page and click on + that you find on the top left. Once inside, you can decide whether to take a photo, a 10-second video or upload a file from your mobile.

The option that I like most is “hands-free “because it allows you to record a video by clicking only when you start.

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Following?

At this point, you’re wondering why you have to do Instagram stories, and for that, I want to explain the advantages they have.

Increased Visibility

Instagram stories help create more engagement, because, thanks to them, your followers remember you more. Thanks to the stories, you can add the content of value to your Instagram account and share more photos that maybe you never want to publish in your gallery.

Create Empathy With Your Followers

A beneficial option that you can take advantage of with Instagram stories is the LIVE. This means that you can interact directly with your followers and thus create more empathy with them. No recorded videos or scheduled photos but everything authentic and real.

Experience Different Strategies

In Instagram stories, you can publish whatever you want: your cat, your boyfriend, your house, even what you are cooking. You can post what you enjoy and do tests to see what results you can get.

Anyway, thanks to Instagram stories you can experience your creativity and see if it can work and if your audience likes it.

Save The Most Valuable Contents And Return Them Later

You can measure the reach of your Instagram stories by viewing the statistics that Instagram offers you. If you still do not know it, you can see how many people have seen your story and who they are. This means that you can analyze your audience and know what they like most.

If you see that an Instagram story has been successful, you can save it on your mobile and post them again.

Also, I want to remind you that all those contents that you want to share with your followers and that do not fit with your gallery, you can use them in Instagram stories.

Lastly, when you post your photos, they will stay on your Instagram forever. Well, you can delete the photos if after a while you regret it and you realize that they do not fit with your gallery, but be careful. If you delete them, the IG algorithm can penalize you. To avoid this, I advise you to save them in your account, and they will stay there and only you will be able to see them.