How can I direct message someone on Instagram from my computer?

Instagram the effervescent and exuberant new kid on the social media platform is the latest bubble that digital marketing professionals are looking towards to get their marketing messages more forcefully across to their prospective customers.

Over a very short period of time the phenomenal growth of Instagram has put to shame all other social media platforms. The rise to fame has been rapid like none other and everyone is looking towards the sky because at the rate in which Instagram that is where it will end.

Whilst marketing professionals are trying every trick up their sleeve to get the right messages across there are the users themselves which adds up to a colossal one billion of them, who are trying their hands to get their messages across too. The 50 billion or so images that have been uploaded on the Instagram platform speak volumes for the versatility of this superlative social media platform. Hence messaging has been the key interacting ling that sustains any social media platform since this new phenomenon was born a few years ago.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, though Instagram has many pluses it does not offer a enthusiastic desk top experience and would be basically a smartphone dominated platform. There are limitations on what you could post, see, and even engage with when you log into Instagram from your desk top computer.

The idea behind this restriction or curtailment was to discourage any professionally edited photos being uploaded onto the Instagram platform. The issues that Instagram wanted to keep alive were to have photos and video captured or recorded respectively to be instantaneously uploaded onto the platform. These would be from the user’s daily life, errands, experiences and nothing from the extraordinary.

The popularity of Instagram has been on a high because it is an uncomplicated social media platform, which provides all and sundry the unique experience of bringing out their best. The platform allows interaction among the followers who would be the primary base for all types of different experiences that are brought onto the platform.

Instagram wants to also keep a close watch on what is being posted and how often hence over doing it is also not encouraged whilst those under doing it or slacking in their posting would also be penalized. There would need to be a equal balance between the two.

It is in this context that they are endeavoring to keep the Instagram platform as an amateur’s domain and keep out all those professionally edited photos and videos. When such an experience is denied, users would upload photos and videos instantaneously, thus giving everyone an equal playing field to do their best when they are out there.

The desktop computer experience was strictly limited to scrolling through and perusing the various feeds that have been fed in and place a “like” on photos that you could see of your friends. You could not upload until recently. Compared and similar to everything in life Instagram too could not plug all the loopholes that existed. Now those loopholes are in the public domain and it is possible to move through the loopholes and use Instagram on your computer. If you are using the Mac or a Windows PC you would be able to do the same things that you would do on your smartphone.

A few simple steps are all that you would need to do so and would not have to go through the harangue of emailing, text or even Airdrop your photos which was an arduous experience. Through these simple steps you could set up and make your desk top the next best device in comparison to your smartphone to interact with your Instagram followers.

Though the restrictions are there it is still possible to Direct Message someone when you want to and the steps are very easy to follow and we could peruse them for your information. You could follow the following steps and ensure you get what you need across to someone without any hassles.

#1. Pick your profile

Go to the profile from where you would like to send the message that you would want to someone on the same Instagram platform.

#2. Set the message platform

Select the Share this Profile on the iOS and send the profile as a message onto the Android system.

#3. Search receiver

Search the receiver of the message and place them on the list and if you need so adding up to fifteen names is a possibility.

#4.  Sending across

Once you have typed in the message then it is a very simple case of clicking on the “send” button and sending it away. The message would be received by the recipient in no delay but instantaneously.