Can You Actually Buy Real Followers?

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriegar and launched in October 2010 to be used exclusively on iOS. Since then Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds by introducing a version for Android powered devices, a year and half later in April 2012. The same year in November they stepped up the ladder of being more user friendly by introducing a feature limited website interface. This followed with the introduction of Windows 10 Mobile in April 2016, and thereafter the Windows 10, in October of the same year.

Instagram could upload photos and videos instantaneously among users on the platform. This phenomenal growth for Instagram brought it to the notice of users worldwide as it was a photo and video sharing social networking service, which was easy to use and had special benefits to it’s growing user base. Today Instagram boasts of One Billion users worldwide with this number growing substantially every day. It also has about Half Billion users on the platform at any given 24 hour period of time.

The phenomenal growth of Instagram since its launch in October 2010 was closely watched by Facebook the giant on the social media platform. In April 2012 it made Instagram an offer that it just could not refuse and that was its willingness to purchase the platform for US $ 1.0 Billion, in cash and stocks. There was tremendous growth on the platform after that and it is estimated that up until October 2015, a colossal 40 billion photos had been shared on the platform.

This vast universally acceptable unique platform like any place where people congregate came to the attention of digital marketing professionals. They saw a tremendous opportunity to take their marketing messages in a unique visually impacting mode right to the palms of their prospective customers.

Instagram as an effective marketing tool

Transmitting visuals by creating a following of Instagram users is what marketing professionals would want to strategize in their endeavor to bring their product or service to their prospective customers. Creating the optimum Instagram following is the requirement through which you get your marketing messages across effectively. The quantum of the Instagram following would determine the reach that your product or service would have in the public domain.

Creating Instagram followers could be an arduous task as it would need time and also money. More than the financial aspect, time constrains would be a major factor. In formulating marketing strategies time is a vital component, and to get your marketing messages fast across to potential customers would be the prerogative. When marketers have a platform that would facilitate such speedy transmitting of messages employing it to the optimum would be the best strategy.

Employing the Instagram platform

The Instagram platform offers just that opportunity with some very superlative features which professional marketers are maximizing to their utmost advantage. This has created another avenue for those who would assist professional marketers to buy real followers on Instagram thus cutting down on time. This ready to buy real followers would enable marketers to cut down on the crucial time factor which has been a blessing in disguise to them.

When you buy real followers on Instagram it would not be in keeping with the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of its platform but it is being practiced by many marketers. It has become the most prudent choice because building such a customer base in such a short period of time could be a herculean task. Once marketers have a strong base on the versatile Instagram platform they could instantaneously transmit photos and videos to keep their customer base active with the possibility of engagement on a positive note.

You could buy real followers on Instagram at different prices and with different packages. It is often sold in bulk and the seller would generally offer you better prices when the quantity of followers that you buy increases.

It is envisaged that when you attempt to buy real followers this would fall into two categories. A company with a bunch of fake pages would follow your page and then string these followers who also could be fake pages. The other would be for the company to use an Instagram bot which is an app which would replace a human and like pages and post contents and ensure the users climb on board to see what interesting things are happening.

The incentive to buy real followers has increased today due the severe time constraints faced due the competition on the digital marketing platform. The increase in the range of products and services has contributed to the present situation. The only negative that could come out of an attempt to buy real followers would be fake interactions with fake accounts.