How to Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Calculating your engagement rate on Instagram is sometimes not so easy. Does the engagement have to include the number of times your publication has been saved beyond “likes” and comments? On the other hand, should we rather use the number of subscribers or the scope of each publication as a reference for the calculation?

For you to actually move around the extent of Instagram engagement waters, I will suggest throughout this article the 3 most common methods for knowing this rate, and choose the one (s) making the most sense for you.

What Is A Good Engagement Rate?

It is estimated that an Engagement rate is between 0 and 10%, so 1% is not considered a good commitment rate. And yet! It would cost you millions to get a Rihanna sponsorship and reach a very large audience. Marketers have however clearly identified that the more the influencer has a large community, the lower his engagement rate.

Instagram Engagement Rate: How To Measure It?

It’s a simple question with sometimes complicated answers. To calculate your engagement rate, you will need to divide the number of interactions by either the number of subscribers or the scope of each publication.

So Where Is The Debate?

There are several “schools” of thought when it comes to choosing the best method: although most Community Managers calculate the engagement rate by adding “likes” and comments, others think that it would be useful to add the number of publications saved and shared privately.

On the other hand, should I treat the likes and comments equally, knowing that they require more involvement on the part of the user?

So, How?

In the following lines, I will offer 3 different methods to calculate the engagement rate of your Instagram account, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Number#1. First Method: Interactions / Subscribers

The first way to calculate your Instagram engagement rate is to divide the total number of “likes” and “comments” by your number of subscribers, and then multiply by 100 to get a percentage:

Engagement Rate = ((Likes + Comments) / Subscribers) X 100

What is interesting about this method is that the data used here is public for any open account (non-private), which makes the benchmark of the competition simple for example.

This technique is also extremely interesting to determine to what extent an Instagrammer is influencer or not.

Number#2. Second Method: Visible Interactions / Scope

This second way is to divide the total number of likes and comments by the number of people reached (range), and then multiply by 100 to get a percentage:

Engagement rate = ((Likes + Comments) / Scope) X 100

This method is more accurate because it takes into account the number of people who saw your very own post instead of the number of subscribers, many of whom will never see it.

By choosing the range in relation to the number of subscribers, you get a better point of view on the people who saw and then decided to interact or not, which is essentially the definition of the IG engagement rate.

To access the reach of your own post, you want to simply go to the professional profile and then go to the statistics

Number#3. Third Method: Real Interactions / Scope

A third and final way to calculate the Instagram engagement rate of an account is to use what is known as real engagement, that is, by including the number of times a publication was shared, in private as well as the number of backups:

Engagement rate = ((Like + Comments + Private Shares + Backups) / Scope) X 100

This data is available if you have converted your account into a professional profile.

Number#4. How To Choose The Right Method?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect method! When it comes to calculating the engagement rate of an Instagram account, your ultimate goal is the one that will determine the proper way to measure the performance of an account.

For example, if you’re analyzing the engagement of your own Instagram account, leveraging scope data is your best opportunity because it gives you a more accurate representation of how your content has impacted your subscribers.

On the other hand, if your goal is to benchmark the competition or identify potential influencers, using the first method with the number of subscribers is the only solution.

What Are The Insights That Are Not Taken Into Account?

False Subscribers

On the Internet, almost anything can be bought; we had the example of a journalist who managed to propel the best restaurant in London an establishment that did not even exist! Lately, a Spanish agency has created a fake Instagram account for a fake influencer. By buying fake subscribers and false comments, she managed to get a whole bunch of advertising contracts with nice pay.

The Saved Function

Many Instagram users save posts to come back to later, instead of engaging in liking or commenting. This does not mean that the publication is not interesting enough to engage. We can just imagine that the user had a crush on an article put forward in the publication and that he wants to “archive” it to check for it later, like a basket on an e-commerce site.

This feature is therefore not taken into account in the calculation of the IG engagement while we don’t have access to the insights of the Instagram account, and yet it should count in the selection criteria of an influencer!


If you target the big influencers, you can be sure that the number of comments posted is the right one. On the other hand, if you bet on micro-influencers, take into consideration the fact that many of them strive to answer every comment! If so, you can divide by 2 the number of comments under each publication. You will, therefore, have less commitment but probably more conversation with the community.


The calculation is as simple as that: the more the influencer has followers, the more it will cost, regardless of whether it will get less commitment than a micro-influencer. We can never say it enough: do not confuse the audience with influence! In terms of ROI, and in many other ways, activating multiple micro-influencers is more interesting than betting on a top influencer.

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